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News from PSRG

It has been announced that work has started in gathering metrics per team for season 3. This will allow comparisons with existing season 4 and season 5 data at both team and league level. This is expected to be concluded any time in the coming future.

Furthermore, it has been revealed plans to introduce a new metric. 24 turns differential games -24TFG-. This metric will count how many games a team has been up or down 24 turns at the end of a game. Research has concluded that 24 turns differential is perceived as the breaking point when a team feels significantly outnumbered.

Research has shown that games over 30 turns differential is easy to feel outnumbered, but below 20 it is not so much, so the breaking point had to be somewhere between 20 and 30. It has been taken 24 because equals to 1.5 players down if removed at turn zero. It was checked again after deciding on 24 and it worked. Note: 24 turns diff = 1.5 players down when removals happen at the very beginning of the game. As removals happen throughout the game, to get 24 turns diff , a team would probably be over 2 players up/down most of the game. Another example, if 2 teams get to halftime with the same number of turns played, then the complete LOS should be swept right away at the start of 2nd half to meet the 24 turns differential.