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A journey to Brionne – pt 1

The missive was post-marked Brionne, but annonymous in name. The content inside was all the more sinister as cut up parts of previous issues of Blitz! was used to spell out the angry tirade towards this newspaper.

Talk of league wide conspiracies and collusion were liberally scattered throughout.

Blitz! would like to go on the record to say that there is no conspiracy against the Brionne Buccaneers and that any overlook of Brionne’s round 3 game against the Bibali Rangers.

In a bruising draw, the Buccs lost Season 4 acquistion Emmitt Smith a talented Blitzer, just 1 spp from his 3rd skill.

However, it will be the loss of Bryon Elwyn “BJ” Coleman that hits the Brionne the hardest. Coleman was one of the most agile players in the league and finishes his career with 336 turns played, over 320 yrds rushing, 52 completions and 6 TD’s.

Your correspondent is now being sent south to the “jewel of Brettonia”, the fortress-city of Brionne, where it is said and angry coach awaits him…