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Killer blitzers performance

Hertha: “You did of course know that the League holds 27 killer blitzers with the POMB combination, Günther?”

Günther: “Of course.”

Hertha: “I had a look at their performance so far. Who is the best and worst, and so on. Do you think we could publish that?”

Günther: “A bit early, perhaps… What do you have?”

Hertha: “Well, if you just look at number of casualies, the list is topped by our own Janine von Meyer. She has 7 casualties in three matches. Three players have made 6 casualties, and that is Ramiro Maextu of the Rangers, Juqua Parker of the Vikings and Douglas Winston of the Patriots. All of them has played four matches, though.”

Günther: “That’s not bad. I have noted that if we take into account the number of Blocks, the list is slightly different. In Conversion rate, Dave Wilcox is the  top dog. 3 casualties in 12 Blocks is a Conversion rate of 0.250! Small sample, though. Denis Brown of the White Wolves holds second place with a rate of 0.222, and then comes your players, Hertha. Juqua Parker has 0.214, Janine von Meyer 0.194 and Ramiro Maextu has 0.188. 6th is Cortez Allen with 0.167.”

Hertha: “That’s seems to correlate well with my numbers. By the way, the killer blitzers have made a total of 70 casualties in 557 Blocks, so that is an average Conversion rate of 0,126.”

Günther: “Yeah. Not all of them are performing well, though. Matt Elam of the Sharks and Jacques Lambert of the Eagles, for example, are down to 0,045 and 0,043 in Conversion rates. Jack Youngblood of the Foxes has 0,037 and Derek Trotter of the Greenskins 0,036. And at the very bottom, Mason Taylor of the Griffins and Sam Stockwell of the Thunder, who has not made any casualties on their Blocks so far, 10 and 11 respectively.”

Hertha: “And Khalil Mack, who was reported to be on his way to the pigs is not among these. He should be safe so far, or what do you think, Günther?”

Günther: “Well. 2 casualties in 34 Blocks gives him a Conversion rate of 0,059, so he is not all that great. Less than half of the League average is surely not something the Patriots Coach should be satisfied with. And that for the player who last season bagged 12 casualties in 94 Blocks for a respectable Conversion rate of 0,128 after he got Piling On in week 8. I do think the pigs in Rotenbach will go hungry for a little while longer, though. AS I said, it’s early to be recording averages and Conversion rates. We need more data!”

Hertha: “Yes. So only this little note to the Blitz, then?”

Günther: “Why not. It may be interesting Reading…:)”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Scheele of the Carroburg Tageszeitung.