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Monday Morning Blitz!

A busy Sunday in the DLE.

First off we had the conclusion of the ‘Fins v Classics match.

After a blazing hot start for the classics on Saturday, an overnight stay in Fort Solace was required for the Classics.

Unfortunately in the interim the DFN published an article which fired up the Fins star POMBER and the rest of the team, smashing the Classics off the pitch in the second half, earning a fair draw, with the Classics not having enough players left to try a OTTD.

Following this, the Classics sped down to Broekwater. Again, it was a tale of two halves.

The Classics played hard D and even managed to sack “The Boss” knocking the ball lose, but this served to enrage the Pats, who manhandled the Classics for the rest of the half scoring easily in the end.

The second half played out differently, the Classics were able to grind and take out the Pats players and the score looked fairly safe…

Which it was. But then came Smelter – with their sidesteppers all CAS’d off the pitch and not able to field a full 11, the Classic put up an unusual OTTD, which succeeded in so far as the pats had to make some extra dice rolls.

However, it was clear that Smelter had been drilled relentless during the week following his miscue that inadvertently caused the death of Timmy Jernigan and he flawless ran in the OTTD with help from the Pats, new MA10 rookie.

Pats take the win, Classics try to claim a moral victory, having given it their best and just missing out on what would have been a fair draw.

However as the famous Albion Dramturge Sean Connery of the Old World would say, “Losers always whine about their best, Winners fuck the prom queen”. As so it was a cold, lonely Sunday night back in Middenheim.

Then we saw a pack of rampaging Grizzlies come South down to Carroburg.

These angry bears from Praag, sacked the CCC ball carier in the first half and ground out a perfect drive to set up then up for receiving in the second half.

Despite their best efforts (a RIP and MNG) the CCC couldn’t stop the score in the second half, though a last turn TD was a consolation. Grizzlies now 2/1/1 and looking a playoff contender.

Finally, the late night match saw the Knights square off against the Marauders.

Despite investing heavily in players who hit hard for this season, Coach Chimp2010’s team was out CAS’d again, by the Knights and the replacement for the late great Brian Schwenke, the Ogre Kingsley Black was also killed.

The Marauders coach, vented his frustration to another media outlet and we can only echo the sentiments received there, that we hope no coaching change in Los Cabos is needed.

Stay tuned for more DLE action this week!