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Predictions for week 5

Week 5 – Predictions


Foxes (1230) vs Griffins (1100*)                            2-1

Universe (1490) vs Cardinals (1350)                     45/55

Cardinals come to this divisional matchup fresh from a victory over Unicorns that trashed the onehorns up good. Can they repeat that feat against a Universe team that won against the Thunderbolts, but is missing star ogre Lotulei for this match. We think the Cards can do it, but they need to be careful about the aggressive way that Universe uses its catchers to pressure the ball. And Universe is not without weapons on their own. Universe killers was quiet last week. Will this be a match where they turn around and start causing casualties?

Thunderbolts (1200*) vs Unicorns (1020*)         60/40

Unicorns lost big time for the Cardinals in a game that cost the onehorns two experienced players, dirty boy Gebauer and franchise player and star blitzer Tom Rathman. In addition, three players are on the injury list for this match. Thunderbolts did well against the Universe despite the loss, and are second highest in the league on causing casualties. Just what the Unicorns don’t need right now! Can the Thunderbolts get the break they need here?

Patriots (1580) vs Classics (1540)                          2-1




49ers (1540) vs Scimitars (1310)                            70/30

A 49ers hunting the Razorbacks in the standings was surprisingly beaten by Thunder last week. Now they are facing a Scimitars team who has been less than sparkling so far, with last week’s victory over Sluggers the only one so far. Both teams are short one of their LOS players, so unfamiliar faces will end up in that difficult position. We still think49ers will manage to take this one home.

Gunners (1210) vs River Bandits (1240)               65/35

Gunners struggled and lost against the Razorbacks last round, and can only muster 14 players for this match. Meanwhile, River Bandits mauled a flagging Eagles team. This could mean that this weeks match will be closer than expected. We still believe the Gunners will be back, though, and steer this safely to a win. After all, Razorbacks is a handful for every team in the form they are in right now, so struggling against them hardly seems to be a drawback.

Razorbacks (1330) vs Eagles (1050*)                    80/20

Razorbacks has been going from strength to strength and seems unbeatable so far this season. And playing them you are not only losing, you are beaten UP as well. Eagles started well, and trashed the Griffins, but has slowed down since then. Mauled by the River Bandits, they lost their big guy and retired a catcher, and can only muster 13 players. Killer blitzer Hightower is back, but Lambert is not. Eagles will need every bit of smartness they can muster to have a chance here. On the other hand, Razorbacks can’t go on like this forever… can they?

Thunder (1260) vs Sluggers (1160*)                     70/30

The Thunder got a surprise victory against the 49ers , and improved their squad and their morale. They must manage without dirty player Brane Zidina who is out with a fractured leg, but should be able to beat the Sluggers. Sluggers have a full squad, and tops the league in completions, passing yards and fouls, but they cannot seem to connect with their blocks and convert them to casualties. Until that happens, they are not going to see many points.



Manticores (1380) vs Legion (1000*)                      60/40

Manticores blossomed last week as they fought the Bruisers, and got the points and the casualties on their side. Legion started well, but is on a losing streak with consecutive losses to Wreckers and Rangers. And the Rangers match cost them the death of two experienced linemen and a catcher. And Panzer is missing from the lineup as well. We favor the Manticores here, but Legion need to pull together and fight back. This is the kind of situation where a franchise need to show its core strength…

Wreckers (1270) vs Avalanche (1420)                  40/60

Wreckers had a hard time against the Buccaneers last week, and we do not predict that it will get easier this week. Avalanche lost to the Greenskins last week and has two key players out for this one, but Wreckers are missing Hoosengold. It should be close though, and if Wreckers learn to do the OTTD, it could easily be a draw.

Buccaneers (1570) vs Greenskins (1570)             55/45

This should be a classic! Both teams are doing well and comes fresh from victories against very good teams. Both teams have all players available. Both teams are good at doing damage, too. We favour the Bucs slightly, because they have one-turn wonder Cotchery, but Greenskins are usually better at doing damage. Player removal will likely be a key here.

Bruisers (1100*) vs Rangers (1380)                       20/80

After a slow start, the Rangers have awakened, and racked up 10 casualties in the last two matches, and with 5 of them being kills. Brown is out for this match, but it will not matter. Bruisers got severly bruised against the Manticores last week and lost kicker Allen, while killer blitzer Nails must watch the game from the sideline. They will have to concentrate on staying alive and trying to deny the Rangers their casualties. It won’t be easy, though.



Grizzlies (1290) vs Knights (1330)                          45/55

Both teams won hard-fought matches last weeks, and their arrows point upwards. It’s almost impossible to discern who will win this one, but Knights have a little more of an edge and one more player to bring to the match. Maybe that will be the deciding factor?


Vikings (1580) vs White Wolves (1280)                70/30

Vikings are on a roll, while White Wolves got crippled in Wolfenburg last round. Hayward and Pavlov are both permed and missing, while Vikings have a full squad. Who had expected that the White Wolves would be playing 300k uphill in this Kislevian battle? It will be another hard time for a Wolves team struggling with multiple injuries and deaths to key players. Will homefield advantage compensate, or will the Vikings raid their inland neighbor and escape with both points?


Sharks (1260) vs Wolfskins (1450)                        10/90

Wolfskins got the best of their cousins from Kislev in week 4, even though the match actually ended in a draw. There is no way the Sharks can do much against this powerhouse.


Crimson Cascade (1350) vs Marauders (1260)   2-3