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Shady Dealings at Wolfskins

Your roving reporter / disgraced coach c9805222 has been investigating suspicious goings on at the Wolfskins, apparently the team has paid hush money to reporters that help cover up the loss of players so that they remain an attractive option to draftees!

However I didn’t get any cash so without further ado:

Thanos “Platu” ( An eager recruit, Thanos was retired when he suffered a broken collar bone in round 1.

Sheldon Richardson ( considered by some the hottest property in draft 4, Sheldon was killed after a little more than a season in Wolf furs against the Sharks.

We wait with baited breath to see the fate of Krysti Wolf, niggled by the Marauders in the last game, will Krysti be cut? (we hear the Wolves less cut and more feast on the weak – survival of the fittest within the pack and all)