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Dietmar Althoff awards – week 7 update

Week 7 finally sees some action. With 800tv killed or retired this week, things are looking better for us at the Dietmar Althoff Foundation. Beating last Seasons week 7 by 240, we are now almost even with last season. Another week or two like this and we are on the positive side.

Some of the loss were on the weaker teams, but we do have three new Medals to hand out. John “Butcher” Burleson of the Thunder and Ezekiel Ansah of the Wolfskins both get a DA Bronze medal, while Brane Zidina of the Thunder earned himself the first Von Kassel Silver Medal handed out by the Foundation. Well done!

The total list is now as follows:

Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal:

Ramiro Maextu, Rangers


Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal:

David Brown, Vikings

Juqua Parker, Vikings

Big George Coghill, Legion

Robert Johnson, Red Cardinals

Siffridus Draken, Grizzlies

Matt Elam, Sharks


Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal:

Sam Stockwell, Thunder

Johnathan Cyprien, Thunder

John “Butcher” Burleson, Thunder (New)

Gerald McCoy, Gunners

Whitney Mercilious, Universe

Chance Warmack, Razorbacks

Johnathan Banks, Razorbacks

Dante Hightower, Eagles

Broderick Bunkley, Avalanche

Bruce Irvin, Avalanche

Cody Latimer, Crimson Cascade

Derek Carr, Classics

Reggie Mathis, Classics

Luke Joeckel, Classics

Jimmy Nails, Bruisers

Denis Brown, White Wolves

Casey Hayward, White Wolves

Ezekiel Ansah, Wolfskins (New)


Von Kassel Silver Medal:

Brane Zidina, Thunder (New)


Von Kassel Bronze Medal:

Brass Van Houten, Razorbacks

Robert Alford, Marauders

Devin Taylor, Classics


Crowd Pleaser award Silver Medal:

Dan Marino, Griffins