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Dietmar Althoff Awards – Week 12 update

It goes up and down in this sport. Week 10 was great, week 11 was a nightmare, but week 12 was quite good. 810 tv lost is a strong round, and all of 480 stronger than last Seasons round 12. But this performance need to be kept up, and there is a great responsibility on the coaches. Coaches, Blood Bowl is NOT about Superbowl. It’s about hurting and dealing hurt. Such was the way of our great hero Dietmar Althoff! Let this also be said… As more and more teams sink below 1200, getting those Medals are becoming harder, but who said it was easy to get a DA award? No, sir, our awards are for those who show exceptional bloodthirstyness in the face of the strongest opposition possible. That is why our Medals are sought after and appreciated!

We had three new Medal winners this week. Jace Amaro of the Grizzlies is finally on the list with a DA Silver Medal, while Ramiro Maextu of the Rangers becomes the third player to have two awards as he gets a DA Bronze Medal to add to his Platinum Medal. The Third recipient is Zaviar Gooden of the Razorbacks, who earns a DA Bronze Medal.

We should also mention that week 11 saw the Death of one earlier DA award recipient, John Doe of the Classics. In week 12, two more earlier recipients died, Sam Stockwell of the Thunder and Brass van Houten of the Razorbacks.


The total list is now as follows:

Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal:

Ramiro Maextu, Rangers


Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal:

Matt Kalil, Unicorns


Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal:

John Doe, Classics (deceased)

Jace Amaro, Grizzlies (New)

Siffridus Draken, Grizzlies

Big George Coghill, Legion

Khalil Mack, Patriots

Robert Johnson, Red Cardinals

Matt Elam, Sharks

Ronnie “not” Lott, Thunderbolts

Star Lotulei, Universe

David Brown, Vikings

Juqua Parker, Vikings


Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal:

Broderick Bunkley, Avalanche

Bruce Irvin, Avalanche

Jimmy Nails, Bruisers

Cody Latimer, Crimson Cascade

Dante Hightower, Eagles

Chance Warmack, Razorbacks

Johnathan Banks, Razorbacks

Zaviar Gooden, Razorbacks (New)

Derek Carr, Classics

Reggie Mathis, Classics

Luke Joeckel, Classics

Marcus Smith, Classics

Kendall Reyes, Classics

Busta Anderson, Grizzlies

Gerald McCoy, Gunners

Amin Asikainen, Legion

Giovani Bernard, Rangers

Ramiro Maextu, Rangers (New)

Jason Taylor, Scimitars

John “Butcher” Burleson, Sharks (With crossed maces)

Sam Stockwell, Thunder (deceased)

Johnathan Cyprien, Thunder

Denis Brown, White Wolves

Casey Hayward, White Wolves

Mikhail Babayev, White Wolves

Ezekiel Ansah, Wolfskins

Whitney Mercilious, Universe


Von Kassel Silver Medal:

Steve Williams, Rangers

Brane Zidina, Thunder

Hefe Rodriguez, White Wolves


Von Kassel Bronze Medal:

Devin Taylor, Classics

Brass Van Houten, Razorbacks (deceased)

Robert Alford, Marauders


Crowd Pleaser award Silver Medal:

Dan Marino, Griffins

Matt Kalil, Unicorns