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Team Spotlight: Great Ogham Griffin

Team Brief:

Formerly the Akendorf Griffins the Griffins were first relocated to Fort Solace when Mr Foxx Cowhead went from coaching to owning the team, something to do with Marrying Stephanie McMahonnon the previous oiwners daughter. Under coach Arcayn the team strove to be succesful but a backwater like Fort Solace was unable to provide the capital needed to fully invest in the team. Sick of the board meddling in the team for financial reasons and unwilling to consider a move to a more lucrative market in Albion, Arcayn upped sticks to his original franchise and resigned his former players… The league is currently investigating how this move worked, contract mispractice and shell companies not with standing there was apparent collusion with the incoming coach Ben_Awesome.

The Griffins relocated from Fort Solace to Great Ogham on the Isle of Albion. Albion is an untapped market for the DLE and the franchise is extremely proud to bring the DLE to the shores of this Bloodbowl loving nation. The exclusive deal with the Albion Isle Cabel Broadcasting (AIBC) for our home matches and the market for shirt sales plus the sponsorship deal with Reeblock and Magic Stone Circles(TM) makes the team far more financially viable.

Coach Brief:

Formerly known as c9805222 (or CBen to friends), coach c9805222 had a hiatus from the league and decided to rebrand and repackage his unique talent (smack talking is a talent). Offered the role to coach a team where he would have all the rebuilding pieces needed he jumped at the chance.

The Team:
The team is rebuilding and looking ahead to season 7. During the draft the Eagles managed managed to sign two Marquee players in Henry McCarty and Shaq Thomson. They have a core of development players Tim Cook – Team captain and all round great blitzer, Telvin Coleman ‘the one to watch’ and Cody Witchmann ‘the muscle’. Supporting these players are a number of veterans Derek Carrm Darian Durant, Jimmy Vicaut, Rob Mouton, Chet Adams, Cedric Ogbuehi and the flambouyant Trey Flowers who is still waiting to be properly unleashed.

We have also signed free agent The Apache Kid and local Albion rookie Beorn Anson

Yes its exciting times here at the Great Ogham Griffins.