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Team Spotlight: Altdorf Thunderbolts

Team Brief:
An original franchise in the DLE both the Thunderbolts and Seventyone have been around since the inception of the league.

The Thunderbolts are the only DLE franchise in Altdorf the capital of the Empire, this is a team marked as one to watch but not necessarily if you are squeamish or don’t like the sight of blood.
Their opening 2 games in season 6 has seen them amass 8 casualties already with Lott getting 5 in the 2nd game vs. the Cardinals on his own. Can Lott be the man to topple Ramiro Maextu as the leagues top hitter this season? We shall see.

What the teams marketing says:
“Thunderbolts are looking to change their style: mainly in an effort to win more games but also to try to gain more fans. As a result they have recruited as many players with damage skills as possible and look to use them as often as possible. The team has high hopes in season 6 for Brandon Scherff in particular as he has str 6 and is a POMBer. However it is the ever reliable Blitzer, Ronnie “Nott” Lott, who seems to really deal out the pain. He currently has 37 CAS”

But does this focus on the BLOOD part of the Bowl cause them issues? Many would argue that it was the bloodlust that led to their loss in the 2nd game to a depleted Angry Birds side.

Will coach Seventyone be able to harness he’s teams destructive power and led them to the promised land of the play-offs? We shall see!

Whatever happens opponents had better watch out, as its likely to hurt. A LOTT.

Draft 6 Brief:
Seventyone traded out potential baller Biff (ag4) for the Classics 1st from Oly of the Wreckers. They used this first to draft Brandon Scherff a pure monster of an ogre and expert of delivering hits that you won’t forget in a hurry (St6 Block Pileon), their other first brought in Ray “Sugar’ Lewis one of the more complete blitzer ballers in the draft. Just on these two picks the draft could be considered a success.

1 Brandon Scherff
2 Grady Jarrett
3 Ray “Sugar” Lewis
4 Jonh “The Comeback Kid” Elway – didn’t pass muster and was dropped before the season started
5 Renate Rappeneau

1 Biff Harda

Coaching Brief:
Not much is known about Seventyone. What is known is that he has embarked on a mission of personal and professional development. Expectations for the season? He made 3rd place in KFC West last Season and will be looking to achieve that as a minimum.

Bitter Enemies:
It seems that divisional rivals the Patriots made a lasting impression in Altdorf as they fouled the Thunderbolts franchise payer Jerry “Rev” Harris to death in the first ever game between the two teams. They then nailed Bobby Zeilter in the return game, Preston Brown in the 4th game and both Trent Richardson and Chandler Harnish and gave Jarod Mayo a career ending injury in the 5th game between the franchises.

Still a measure of revenge was the Thunderbolts injury of Hightower in that game, that led to his ill fated transfer to the Wreckers.

Game 6 had no serious injuries or deaths but the following game (7) saw the death of Thunderbolt player Teddy “President” Roosevelt.

Game 8, the scales tipped towards the Thunderbolts with them breaking Luckmans neck.

Game 9 saw a number of injuries both sides with Michael Bowie suffering a broken neck for the Thunderbolts and Don Allard a career ending concussion for the Patriots. Game 10 saw the Pats try to finish what they had started with Bowie having his ankle broken and Tanner Hawkinson killed.

This season the Thunderbolts are again looking to turn the tables and in Scherff they just might have the ogre mountain to do it.