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Team Spotlight: Brokewater Patriots

Team Brief:
What do you say about a double back to back winning Super Bowl team? One that went unbeaten last season setting yet another DLE record?

Well winners or not the Patriots are never one to rest on their laurels the Pats are focused on bettering last season, however its getting harder. All the teams around them have improved, coaches have improved, within their own division the ‘un’Cursed Franchise made play-offs and is knocking on the door to take the leadership of the division.

During the season the ‘Pats’ tend to focus on not losing and making the bye by grinding out results, an opening game 1-0 win against the Rotenbach Razorbacks demonstrates their practical approach and application of the coaches playbook on the field. Will any team be able to stand toe to toe or dodge round the Pats? Some believe they are the most complete team in the league, this seasons results will tell if this is true.

Draft 6 Brief:
Originally the Pats management had sold all their picks in this draft being happy with the overall team and its quality, they did not account however for damage to a few key personnel and opted to get back into the draft. Whilst many fans were unhappy to see Gene Upshaw leave this and other trades saw a flurry of draft day activity. Here you can see the ins and outs at the end of the season:


Berry Pierce
Tyler Lockett
John Riggins Jr
Phillip Blake ( former Patriot back from The Wreckers, this was seen as a marketing ploy to keep fans happy and increase shirt sales revenue)

Gene Upshaw
Berry Pierce

To give you an insight into the way Patriots management thinks – Pierce (now playing at the Eagles) was described to this reporter as a trade chip.

Preseason Training Brief:
Training camp was basically cancelled. The team was challenged last season with attrition, so staff wanted to minmize the wear and tear. There was also no teardown of the roster.

In at the deep end with the strength of scedule games the 2 newcomers need to carve out a role for themselves on the fly.

Goodwin is very advanced at his track trainings, close to getting sprint, simplfiying his main task – only on the bench for last gasp scores!

In contrast Patton’s role is getting more complicated with him having to learn both offense and defense as he starts to fill in for the traded Upshaw. Following Bortles lead he is now the 2nd in the chain of command for balling duties.

Trade Rumours
Clifton was at the center of several rumours during the draft and while ultimately the coaches were able to keep a Pat his future is not secure with it resting on the results of his gaining superstardom and how he copes with the pressure this brings, any weakness could the GM ship him in the mid season window for the right price.

A quick word from ‘The Boss’ Team Captain and Game Manager:
“Look, I am the first ever DLE legend, noone can take that away. Also winning 2 championships. I am now living the dream.

There is no TD or passing record I am chasing. That is not what this team is about. Actually the contrary. As a good Boss, help bringing along the others, mostly the catcher crop. Keep their carrying and balling skills sharp, and using my superior strength to cover their backs, while guiding them to the optimal plays. I’m now the best game manager in business!”

Coach Brief:
Bghandras occupies a special space in coaches minds;
master trader: check
master coach: check
master drafter: check

He checks so many boxes he’s often won the psychological war and the game before a dice is rolled. However there is weakness to be exploited. Who can forget the Pats inability to deal with the River Bandits? It just maybe that coaches willing to try special and high risk plays against a coach that is traditionally risk averse can sometimes throw the Patriots off their game.

However in his own words the Patriots are a formidible team:
“There is no step change possible, so working on the fine and minor details. Refining when to deploy certain plays, and how to manage unusual personnel groupings. Generally trying to keep the core together. Working in tandem with the front office to surround the core with capable players to emphasize the strength and mask the weaknesses.

The target for the season is not to lose any game. That worked in season5. Lets see how it works in season6.”