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Team Spotlight: Middenheim Classics

Team Brief:
Formerly known as the Cursed franchise, the Classics have been around since the inception of the league, formerly by ianuk77 and then K2 before coach BigF has worked hard to turn this team around into real contenders. Its taken a number of seasons but as his coaching skills have increased so have his drafting and trading skills and in Season 5 the Classics finally made the play-offs.

Now fans have taken to calling them the “Uncursed” franchise but sharing a division with the bloodthirsty Thnuderbolts and serial winners the Patriots, maybe its a bit early to to think of the Classics as a team that will dominate the regular season.

You can be sure though that coach BigF is plotting his next play-off run very carefully indeed though… …When we watched the team on the training field, BigF was quite clearly nervous. Medics were at the sidelines kits in hands in-case of a training injury, security was searching everyone entering the ground for rocks and oddly there were a number of different Wizards from the colleges scrying and dispelling whilst a priest of Ulric was performing a rite of uncursing on each player before the practice drives.

Yes the fans might think the franchise is uncursed. BigF obviously isn’t taking nay chances, we heard him mutter what we thought was ‘chicken hoodoo’ at one point, but it is quite clear that BigF’s plans include making sure no curse strikes this season.

Coach Brief:
Not many teams have played a team coached by BigF and finished the game with as many players as they started
with. Not to say BigF is bloodthirsty – he doesn’t seem to aim to kill everyone, just casualties happen in games he is involved in…to both sides. Still BigF is an improving and up coming star of the DLE and you can expect to see the Classics in the hunt for a play-off spot again, assuming the curse does not strike again.

Draft 6 Brief:
The Classics were very busy in the transfer market and the draft with the following players in and out:

Cameron Erving
Byron Jones
Damian Swann
Jenson Foster
Sean Porter
Will Moreland
AJ Duhe

Marcus Smith
Luke Joeckel

AJ Duhe

The overall picture of the Classics is a balanced team with strength, guard and hitters providing a platform for their more stylish balling players such as Le’Veon Bell (18 TD’s in 18 games in his first DLE season), Jimmy Garoppolo (previous SB winner) and Journeyman Catcher Reuban ‘ Rambo’ Randell to play ball.