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Team Spotlight: Remas Eagles

Team Brief:
Well, someone much greater than I once used the phrase its been emotional ( but the Eagles founder has finally been reunited with his original franchise. Fans of the Griffins may have watched in disbelief as first their coach then their team up sticks and left the back water that is Fort Solace (and rumours persist that the backwater residents of Fort Solace has access to army grade assassins) to sign new contracts in sunny Remas.

The team actually have a solid foundation in players but the KFC South is a very very competitive division and it promises to be a long hard season for the new(er) boys on the block.

Coach Brief:
League enforcer, founder of the Eagles, former coach of the Fort Solace Griffins. Arcayn has been around the block (as the paternal suits from the many cheerleaders will attest – the sleepless elite need find some way to fill their time…) and is a veteran of the DLE.

He is also excellent at nurturing talent, several of the current Eagles squads have been developed under his management such as the feared blitzer combo of Wilton Chamberlain and Joe Doe.

Still his teams have been blighted by players losses and injuries throughout his time in DLE including some of the brightest stars of the DLE such as Snowflake. However we are confident if Arcayn can keep his players on the pitch and not in the dugout with the Bloodweiser Babes (do as he says players not as he does) then this could be a hot season for the new look but not new on the block Remas Eagles.

Here’s what coach Arcayn had to say:
“It’s great to be back in Remas. The sun seemed to rarely shine in Fort Solace. Being back in the greatest city in the DLE feels refreshing.

I honestly can’t wait to host our first pig roast. I can just smell the smoked pork now. Eagles’ Pig Roasts are going to be like never before. The team now has our own Butcher to make sure that the Hawgs are slaughtered properly.

Although I would like to thank Mr. DeVille. Word on the street is that he was seen after the Templehof-Noners game handing a rather large brief case to Andrew Luck. I can’t say what was in that briefcase for sure but I can speculate like everyone else. And if I were to do that I would start to think maybe that was a payoff for the murder of Mr. Jeffrey. Not that I would ever condone such actions, but it certainly made our path to the KFC-Strong Championship a bit easier. And I’d mention that the path of the ‘other’ team in the division, but honestly… not worth the breath it would take to say their name… if I could even remember it.”

Season 6 Draft:
The Eagles had a huggggggge draft bringing in SIX players:
1 Melvin Gordon Blitzer +AG/SideStep/Catch
2 Mitch Morse Lineman +STR/Block/NervesOfSteel
3 Tre’ Jackson Lineman Block/Guard/Grab
4 Doran Grant Catcher Wrestle/Shadowing/PassBlock
5 Martrell Spaight Lineman Wrestle/Guard
6 Bert Van Neuveen lineman DirtyPlayer
7 Bernie Kosar thrower +AG/Accurate/Leader

As you can see the Eagles brought in quite the mix of players, Melvin and Bernie are ballers, whilst Mitch, Tre’ and Martrell bolster the line special defence player Doran and a practineer of the ‘Brass Arts’ in Bert. All that remains to be see is if the move to Remas will help the team avoid the mass injuries that plagued them when in Fort Solace, although Tre’ did die on his debut (the blood price for two dead Griffins!!!) there were no injuries of note versus a tasty Talabheim Sluggers team and the Eagles are crusing into the main draw with a pretty intact squad.