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Team Spotlight: Wolfsbach Scimitars

Team Brief:
The Scimitars are an expansion team in the DLE – joining in Season 2 and entering the KFC South. They have made the play-offs once (Season 4). In a division made up of the RotenBach Razorbacks and the San Luis 49’ers this is pretty impressive. Based on the numbers this is an even season (6) and therefore the Scimitars should be up near the top, although an opening loss to the Thunderbolts demoralised the team and coach they bounced back with a win over the mercurial River bandits.

Much is made of the Razorbacks lack of stats in their lineup with the coach making magic from the team, the Scimitars are a team in the same mould, but what they do have is guard and plenty of it, don’t try and trade blows or they will lock you in and push your face to the floor. Amazingly the Scimitar boast two of the original Stirland locals in their lineup still: Chad Pennington and Jason Taylor

Still its a tough division to play in and you also have the new look Eagles with the original franchise owner back in charge.

Coach Brief:
Kaiowas is a quietly efficient and not prone to outbursts of boasting as some coaches, quietly and methodically going about the business of turning the Scimitars into a powerhouse of a team, he just needs to get that guard lock working properly and his divisional rivals will have their work cut out prevenint gthe Scimitars rumbling right on over them.

Draft Brief:
The draft was a quiet time for the Scimitars, 4 players were picked only 3 made the team:

1 Dante Fowler Jr. Blitzer +AV/Tackle/SideStep/Guard
2 Henry Anderson Lineman Block/SideStep
3 MyCole Pruitt Blitzer +MVM/+AG

Part of the reason for the quiet draft was the trades, Kaiowas let go Tim Peto Clark and the unicorns 2nd pick to divisional rival the Eagles for the sturdier but in the same mould player Tim Langer. They also let go of AJ Duhe and Will Moreland to the Classics for the more heavily armoured Luke Joeckel.

Combined with the solid draft picks, this gives the Scimitars an impressively skilled all round team but with only 11 players allowed on the pitch who will be sitting on the bench and will they try to force a move if they aren’t getting the game time they think they deserve?

Fans chant: Beware the the Butterknives have been sharpened and they’re coming for you!