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Team statistics – regular season Roundup with BONUS categories

Here are the accumulated team statistics after regular season. For the fans, we have included some BONUS categories never published in the regular updates 🙂

Team offense (TD’s scored):

Broekwater Patriots (35)

Kislev White Wolves (31)

Nuln Gunners (30)

Barboza Bruisers, Bilbali Rangers and Talabheim Sluggers (28)


Team defense (TDs allowed):

Kislev White Wolves (12)

Marienburg Foxes, Grenzburg Greenskins and Rotenbach Razorbacks (14)

Praag Grizzlies and Wolfsbach Scimitars (16)


Casualties made:

Bilbali Rangers (69)

Middenheim Classics (66)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (64)

Broekwater Patriots (63)

Altdorf Thunderbolts (57)

Brionne Buccaneers (56)


Blocks made:

Grenzburg Greenskins (799)

Broekwater Patriots (797)

Bilbali Rangers (795)

Kemperbad Knights (765)

Praag Grizzlies (742)

Middenheim Classics (737)


Blocks against:

Barboza Bruisers (467)

Brionne Buccaneers and Hargendorf Unicorns (514)

Remas Eagles (553)

Broekwater Patriots (568)

Nuln Gunners (588)


Block ratio (Blocks for/Blocks against):

Broekwater Patriots (1,40)

Brionne Buccaneers (1,29)

Bilbali Rangers (1,28)

Barboza Bruisers and Grenzburg Greenskins (1,24)

Praag Grizzlies (1,19)


Conversion ratio (player cas made/Blocks made)

Middenheim Classics (0,081)

Brionne Buccaneers (0,080)

Altdorf Thunderbolts (0,074)

Bilbali Rangers (0,073)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade, Nuln Gunners and Broekwater Patriots (0,072)



Emsk Red Cardinals, Marienburg Foxes and Great Ogham Griffins (2)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade, Remas Eagles, Nuln Gunners, Los Cabos Marauders and Wolfsbach Scimitas (1)


Team fouls:

Bilbali Rangers (88)

Great Ogham Griffins (84)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (77)

Hargendorf Unicorns (75)

Rotenbach Razorbacks (71)

Altdorf Thunderbolts (58)


Team completions:

Kislev White Wolves (37)

Averheim River Bandits (29)

Greath Ogham Griffins, Nuln Gunners and Los Cabos Marauders (27)

Brionne Buccaneers and Emsk Red Cardinals (26)


Team passing yards:

Kislev White Wolves (126)

Great Ogham Griffins (120)

Emsk Red Cardinals (109)

Los Cabos Marauders (71)

Brionne Buccaneers (68)

Monte Castello Wreckers (62)


Team running yards:

Broekwater Patriots (695)

Bilbali Rangers (589)

Barboza Bruisers (560)

Remas Eagles (519)

Irrana Avalanche (512)

Marienburg Foxes (506)


BONUS categories:

Least casualties taken:

Barboza Bruisers and Bilbali Rangers (28)

Middenheim Classics and Wolfsbach Scimitars (33)

San Luis 49ers, Grenzburg Greenskins and Rotenbach Razorbacks (35)


TV points earned:

Broekwater Patriots (760)

Bilbali Rangers (740)

Middenheim Classics (730)

Praag Grizzlies (660)

Barboza Bruisers (600)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (550)


TV Points lost:

Bilbali Rangers (50)

Remas Eagles (100)

Hargendorf Unicorns (130)

Barboza Bruisers, Grenzburg Greenskins and Kemperbad Knights (210)


Spp gain:

Broekwater Patriots (314)

Kislev White Wolves (307)

Nuln Gunners and Bilbali Rangers (289)

Middenheim Classics (288)

Brionne Buccaneers (269)


Turns played:

Bilbali Rangers (2632)

Broekwater Patriots (2598)

Wolfenburg Wolfskins (2569)

Middenheim Classics (2567)

Barboza Bruisers (2561)

San Luis 49ers (2533)