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DA Awards – week 1 update


The downward spiral continues over into season 7. More expensive toys seems to mean less eagerness to risk them, and this is not compensated by higher capability to kill and maim. Thus, first week tv loss to the League is only 880, compared to 1160 in the first week of season 6. We can only hope that it will turn around soon.

Still, we are able to hand out no less than 7 Medals. Three Dietmar Althoff Silver Medals goes to Ronnie Coleman of the Unicorns, Zach Fulton of the Foxes and Sean Porter of the Classics. Coleman gets the distinction with crossed maces since this is his second time. Three more players, Harry Bellower of the Wolfskins, Barry Little of the Gunners and Ronnie “Nott” Lott of the Thunderbolts  got a DA Bronze Medal for their effort. The Seventh Medal is a Von Kassel Bronze Medal to Ann-Katrin Lexer of the Crimson Cascade. She gets it with crossed maces as it is her second of the same type! Well done, all seven!

The Complete list of recipients season 7 so far is as follows. Still active players from earlier seasons are at the bottom.


Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal:

Sean Porter, Classics (New)

Zach Fulton, Foxes (New)

Ronnie Coleman, Unicorns (With crossed maces) (New)


Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal:

Barry Little, Gunners (New)

Ronnie “Nott” Lott, Thunderbolts (New)

Harry Bellower, Wolfskins (With Crossed Maces) (New)


Von Kassel Bronze Medal:

Ann-Katrin Lexer, Crimson Cascade (With crossed maces) (New)



Earlier recipients still active:

Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal:

Ramiro Maextu, Rangers


Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal:

Vincent Jonckers, Classics

Jose Chavez, Legion

Rob Havenstein, Patriots

Matt Kalil, Unicorns


Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal:

Jimmy Nails, Bruisers

Kendall Reyes, Classics

Nadja Kümmel, Crimson Cascade

Khalil Mack, Eagles (With crossed maces)

M’Grash K’Trag, Foxes

Jace Amaro, Grizzlies

Siffridus Draken, Grizzlies

Ed Stinson, Grizzlies

Juqua Parker, Sluggers

Ronnie “Nott” Lott, Thunderbolts

Lane Johnson, Thunderbolts

Brian Newton, Universe

David Brown, Vikings

Harry Bellower, Wolfskins


Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal:

Broderick Bunkley, Avalanche

Bruce Irvin, Avalanche

Chris Jones, Bruisers (With crossed Maces)

Darius Fleming, Bruisers (With crossed Maces)

Jimmy Nails, Bruisers

Kendall Reyes, Classics (with crossed maces)

Reggie Mathis, Classics

Will Moreland, Classics

Nadja Kümmel, Crimson Cascade

Mitch Morse, Eagles

Khalil Mack, Eagles

Cedric Ogbuehi, Griffins

Tim Cook, Griffins

Darian Durant, Griffins

Whitney Mercilious, Griffins

Siffridus Draken, Grizzlies (With crossed Maces)

Chaz Green, Grizzlies

Akeem Spence, Grizzlies

Gerald McCoy, Gunners (With crossed maces)

Audrey Barton, Gunners

Deion Sanders, Gunners

Mick Kabluski, Knights

Michael MB Brockers, Knights

Amin Asikainen, Manticores (With crossed swords)

Alec Ogletree, Manticores

Chad Clifton, Patriots

Derek Wolfe, Patriots

Giovani Bernard, Rangers

Ramiro Maextu, Rangers

Sir Gaston Mouffet, Rangers

Felix Ajona, Rangers

Chance Warmack, Razorbacks

Johnathan Banks, Razorbacks

Zaviar Gooden, Razorbacks

Brett Arrivey, River Bandits

Jason Taylor, Scimitars (with Crossed Maces)

Luke Joeckel, Scimitars

Travis Frederick, Scimitars

Emmit Smith, Sharks

Ronnie “Rumble” Colemon, Unicorns

Denis Brown, White Wolves (With Crossed Maces)

Mikhail Babayev, White Wolves

Ezekiel Ansah, Wolfskins


Von Kassel Gold Medal:

Andrew Luck, Thunder


Von Kassel Silver Medal:

John Runyan, Avalanche

Cadell Osmann, Foxes

Brane Zidina, Patriots

Steve Williams, Rangers

Brut de Feuer, Razorbacks

Akili Smith, Universe

Hefe Rodriguez, White Wolves


Von Kassel Bronze Medal:

Ann-Katrin Lexer, Crimson Cascade

D.J.Hayden, Legion

Justin Pugh, Rangers

Alfred “Wolfshead” Morris, Sluggers

Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins


Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal:

Dan Marino, Eagles

Jace Amaro, Grizzlies

Ramiro Maextu, Rangers

Matt Kalil, Unicorns


Crowd Pleaser Bronze Medal:

Chad Clifton, Patriots

Kony Ealy, Rangers