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The chosen ones – part 2

FOR THE SECOND PART of this series, your correspondent has been dispatched south from Kislev to the second greatest city in the Empire. The journey from Emsk is long and tedious, but it allows us to prepare for our interview with the player known as “Sigmar’s Hammer”.

AS OUR RIVER BOAT slowly cruises up the Reik, the imposing form of the BAE Systems Arena dominates the surrounds. We berth up and are met by delegates of the hosts today, the Altdorf Thunderbolts. Owners of the first overall pick in DLE Draft 4, the T’bolts took consensus number one pick Arnold Miyers.

STRONG, AGILE AND FURIOUS, Miyers is both the irresistible force and immovable object and has anchored Altdorf’s O-line since Draft 4.
For 581 turns Miyers has rampaged acrossed the bloodbowl pitches of the DLE. More a lover (19 TDs) than a fighter (8 CAS) Miyers has rushed for 441 career yards.

LIKE A PREVIOUS NO. 1 pick (CJ Mosley) the league appears to take Miyers skills for granted with him having only received 3 MVPs. This is despite Miyers flashing an ability to throw the rock with 6 completions for 18 yards. Your correspondent would love to see Miyers be a secondary threat as passer and become a real all round force

OFF THE FIELD WE find Miyers to be charming and personable, he gives us a guided tour around the BAE and it would appear that he only turns into the frothing monster Altdorfers pay good crowns to see, once he gets on the pitch. Miyers even gives us signed merchandise to auction off for the ophans of the Fauschlag. A true DLE star, keep him safe Altdorf!