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The chosen ones – part 3

IT IS GOOD YOUR correspondent is beginning to enjoy river travel, as our next stop is further down the mighty river Reik. As we look across the Reik to our journey’s end, the words of the famous dramaturge Herr Felix Jaeger ring in our ears, truely Nuln is one of the most beautiful cities in the Empire.

WE ARRIVE SEEKING A different type of beauty however. As as our carriage draws up to Blackpowder Field, we come seeking an audiance with the number one overall pick from Draft 3, Russell Wilson of the Nuln Gunners.

THE SMELL OF GUNPOWDER and the sounds of the forge are in the air around the stadium, but all this goes away like magic when we are shown into one of the Gunner’s luxury sky boxes. Our hosts bring us fresh delicacies and let on that we are sitting in Countess Emmanuel’s private box! We look out below and we see the object of our affection scrimmaging below.

RUSSELL WILSON IS THE first thrower to be taken number one and in the 679 turns since his debut he has thrown 61 completions for 102 yards. But as we watch from above, he is not practicing throwing, it is his ground game he is working on.

STARTING WITH HIS EXPLOSIVE debut seaon, Wilson has rushed for 740 yards and scored 16 TDs. Though interestingly the Gunners managment must have ushered in a change of strategy, as fully half his TDs and 44% of his rushing yards came in his debut season. As watch him scrimmage we day dream of watching him run ‘n’ gun again…

ROUNDING OFF OUR REVIEW we note that in common with his fellow number ones already previewed, Wilson has only a solitary MVP to his name despite having 118 SPP. Maybe he needs to shed a bit more blood (1 CAS) or put the boot in more (4 fouls) in order to for the league to take notice of his undeniable talent.

WE CONCLUDE OUR STAY in Nuln with an interview with Wilson that leaves us convinced that even bigger things are coming for this No.1 pick.