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The chosen ones – part 6

SO YOUR CORRESPONDENT’S JOURNEY ends. We set sail once more, this time around the coast of Estalia, until we reach Los Cabos, home to the Marauders of the DLE, the team which had the number one overall pick in DLE draft 6.

PHILLIPE IV DE LOS CABOS, the ruler of Badajoz, brought the Marauders to the Estalia. The ruler paid for one of the most unique stadia in the old world. Estadio Stade de Philippe was built by dwarven engineers with no expense spared. A visitor at first may be excused for thinking the stadium has no entrances. But the true entrance lies underneath the stadium. Entering through a private bay in Los Cabos, the stadium has a stunning underground aquatic centre where the rich and famous of Badajoz sail their boats, safe from pirate and worse. A series of locks means that a boat can rise upwards to a pitch side position and these berths are some of the most in demand and expensive tickets in the old world.

AS BEFITTING SUCH A grand stadium, a superstar to play was required and this was swiftly obtained by the Marauders. Jason “Kingpin” Fisk, was the fourth blitzer to be taken as a number one pick. Fisk is a specimen and the prototypical blitzer all the teams in DLE want. He is stronger than most of his contemporaries and whilst he does not have the raw agility of say an Arnold Miyers, he has an ability to dodge and get out of trouble that is just as valuable. Fisk also provides invaluable help to other blockers.

IN HIS DEBUT SEASON Fisk played 217 turns and made 94 blocks, causing 4 CAS. A solid if not spectacular debut season by the number one pick, but he was a fan favourite, gaining 5 MVPs, only 6 players in the whole league earned more. We suspect readers there is a lot more to come from Fisk and cant wait to see it.

BUT DEAR READER, FISK’S story will continue elsewhere. In the off-season, Fisk was traded to the Brionne Buccaneers. We came to Los Cabos to speak to the GM of the marauders to see why the team would get rid of a generational talent like Fisk, but it appears there has been a falling out between the ruler and his Simian GM as our repeated requests for an interview were denied.

THE RETURN JOURNEY TO Middenheim will be long, but perhaps we can make a detour to fair Brionne and find out straight from the man himself…