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DA Awards – week 15 update

A disappointing week seen fro the DA Awards committee’s point of view. Only 610tv left the league. Although better than last season’s week 15 (at 440tv), we expect at least 700tv to be satisfied. Yet, the week added another 170tv to the surplus which is now 1540tv, more than week 16 and play-offs last season added togethe. So we already now that this season will have cost more than  last season. That is excellent!! When it comes to Medals, however, only one single Medal will be handed out this week. The medal was scored in the very last game of the week and was a a Von Kassel Silver Medal earned by Tony Steward of the Grizzlies. Of former recipients, Xavier Cooper of the Legion, the only player except Andrew Luck, with a Von Kassel Gold Meda left us. Praise to his memory! The Complete list of recipients season 7 so far is as follows. Still active players from earlier seasons are at the bottom. Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal: Bish “the Bash” Bosh, Knights   Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: B.J.Dubose, 49ers; Broderick Bunkley, Avalanche; Sean Porter, Classics; Vincent Jonckers, Foxes (With crossed maces); Jack Pardee, Foxes; Booker T, Foxes; Konstantinos Laskaridis, Grizzlies; Bish “The Bash” Bosh, Knights; Jason Taylor, Patriots; Ronnie Coleman, Unicorns (With crossed maces); Brian Newton, Universe (With crossed maces); Fletcher Cox, White Wolves; Asnnel Robo, White Wolves; Albert Hudson, Wolfskins; Christian Sam, Wolfskins   Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: A.J.Derby, 49ers; Dave Wilcox, 49ers; Arthur Dent, Avalanche; Jevon Kearse, Avalanche; Jack Pardee, Foxes; Shane Ray, Greenskins; Tim Cook, Griffins (With Crossed Maces); Barry Little, Gunners; Gerald McCoy, Gunners (With Crossed Swords); Mick Kabluski, Knights (With Crossed Maces); Laken Tomlinson, Marauders; Harold Grange, Patriots; Kony Ealy, Rangers; Ramiro Maextu, Rangers (With Crossed Swords); Geno Smith, Rangers; Andrus Peat, Razorbacks; Jerome Bourdoncle, River Bandits; Tim Langer, Scimitars; Mykkele Thompson, Scimitars (New); Newton Brown, Scimitars; Andrew Luck, Thunder; Ronnie “Nott” Lott, Thunderbolts; Lane Johnson, Thunderbolts; Brandon Scherff, Thunderbolts (With Crossed Maces); Todd Nathanson, Universe; Denis Brown, White Wolves (Witch crossed Swords); Duke Waagshington, White Wolves; Harry Bellower, Wolfskins (With Crossed Maces)   Von Kassel Gold Medal: None   Von Kassel Silver Medal: Logan Mankins, 49ers; Matt Forte, Classics; David James, Eagles; Tony Steward, Grizzlies (New); Mamadou Diamerra, Rangers; Al Giardello, Sluggers   Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Ann-Katrin Lexer, Crimson Cascade (With crossed swords) Earlier recipients still active: Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal: Ramiro Maextu, Rangers   Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal: Jose Chavez, Cardinals; Vincent Jonckers, Foxes; Matt Kalil, Unicorns; Rob Havenstein, Universe   Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: Nadja Kümmel, Crimson Cascade; Khalil Mack, Eagles (With crossed maces); M’Grash K’Trag, Foxes; Siffridus Draken, Grizzlies; Kendall Reyes, Patriots; Juqua Parker, Sluggers; Ronnie “Nott” Lott, Thunderbolts; Lane Johnson, Thunderbolts; Brian Newton, Universe; David Brown, Vikings; Harry Bellower, Wolfskins;   Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: Broderick Bunkley, Avalanche; Bruce Irvin, Avalanche; Chris Jones, Bruisers (With crossed Maces); Darius Fleming, Bruisers (With crossed Maces); Will Moreland, Classics; Nadja Kümmel, Crimson Cascade; Derek Wolfe, Crimson Cascade; Mitch Morse, Eagles; Khalil Mack, Eagles; Whitney Mercilious, Griffins; Siffridus Draken, Grizzlies (With crossed Maces); Chaz Green, Grizzlies; Akeem Spence, Grizzlies; Michael MB Brockers, Knights; Chad Clifton, Patriots; Kendall Reyes, Patriots (with crossed maces); Emmit Smith, Patriots; Giovani Bernard, Rangers; Sir Gaston Mouffet, Rangers; Chance Warmack, Razorbacks; Jason Taylor, Patriots (with Crossed Maces); Luke Joeckel, Scimitars; Travis Frederick, Scimitars; Ronnie “Rumble” Colemon, Unicorns; Mikhail Babayev, White Wolves; Ezekiel Ansah, Wolfskins   Von Kassel Gold Medal: Andrew Luck, Thunder   Von Kassel Silver Medal: Cadell Osmann, Foxes; Brane Zidina, Patriots; Brut de Feuer, Razorbacks; Akili Smith, Universe   Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Ann-Katrin Lexer, Crimson Cascade; Justin Pugh, Rangers; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins   Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal: Dan Marino, Eagles; Ramiro Maextu, Rangers; Matt Kalil, Unicorns   Crowd Pleaser Bronze Medal: Chad Clifton, Patriots; Kony Ealy, Rangers