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Awesome Rankings (ARSE)

Division Ranking Team Name Blurb
SHCS 2 Buccaneers The BIG bad Buccaneers are here. Did we mention they’re big? Meanandugl has had issues with the Apo in seasons past so has simply done away with their services for the start of the season. Any rumours that the Apo was keelhauled are currently unsubstantiated but we understand that the Brione Harbour Control led by Don Hasselhof (from the Empire) are investigating. Will this investigation derail the Buccaneers as they aim for a 3rd consecutive playoff berth? Ship puns aside, Awesome Ranking: Play-off ahoy but no Superbowl
KFCW 1 Patriots The team to beat. They’ll lose to the Griffins in regular season, other than that go unbeaten until losing to either the Gunners or Hofs Temple in the playoffs. Awesome Ranking: Top Gun. Will win division, almost undefeated all season until losing out in playoffs.
KFCW 2 Griffins To be the man, you have to beat the man and the only team to claim a victory against the reigning Super Bowl champs in the last two seasons are ready to put the horror of last season behind them and focus on winning it all this season. Awesome Ranking: Play-off hopefuls via wildcard, the coach is insistent he can win the whole thing but the team isn’t complete. The linemen in particular need some supporting skills
KFCW 4 Thunderbolts This team hits like a Thunderbolt. They with the Patriots and Classics typically make the top 10 cas causers every season making KFCW very very dangerous. Expect more of the same as they look to bash their way to victory. Awesome Ranking: With Patriots coming last in the KFCW this season, Griffins first and Classics 2nd, they’re slotting into division 3rd…
KFCW 3 Classics The Cursed Franchise, put the curse on the Griffins last season retiring Tevin and ending any play-off hopes. The Griffins intend it to be the other way around this season, but we’re sure that BigF’s squad will be pushing for another play-off experience, could the SOS decide this one? Awesome Ranking: Division 3rd. Going to just miss the play-offs due to the Griffins potentially easier SOS
SHCS 4 Bruisers With a new coach, same look, the Bruisers have a new playbook and it involves preventing the opponent moving, experts think this will be more or a growth season, as whilst the blitzer core is there, some of the linemen don’t have any of the essential skills and with everyone bar the injured McCready being ag3 and not pointy eared like an elf, we expect many 1/9 failures to cost them, not to mention sharing a division with Buccaneers, Avalanche and the most improved coach of DLE last season KnutofOlavaines, Wreckers, its going to be tough going for this team. Awesome Ranking: Division 4th is a bold prediction but its where I see them
KFCE 3 Gunners Once it was known as KFC Easy, now its more like KFC Excellent. Gunners coach FRSHMN has possibly the most success at dumping the Pats out of Playoffs of any coach except maybe Wreckage (also in KFC Excellent). However the division also boasts POWmaster Datom and the ever improving Bandits, the roster is also very light on guard, but they have plenty of other available tools. Awesome Ranking: A very tough call, going to place 3rd in the division as they look to improve the roster for a playoff spot next season
KFCE 2 Sluggers Coached by POWmaster Datom, expect the Sluggers to POW all the way to the playoffs before being humbled by the Griffins as a revenge for the TWO Blitzes in Season 7. Awesome Ranking: Division 2nd, wildcard Playoff possible.
KFCE 4 Bandits The Bandits have had a tough tough time, and this season despite their improved roster will still be tough. Expect them to be spoilers this season as they take points from others but midtable at best. Awesome Ranking: An unfortunate division 4th, a good 1st in draft 10 and then ass kicking next season
KFCE 1 Hof’s Temple The team that worships David Hasselhoff is coached by 2 time superbowl champion Wreckage. One of DLE’s most successful coaches, he took over midseason, and took the division title. With the draft done, he’s put together a fearsome team. Awesome Ranking, will win the division, take out the Pats in the playoffs and then lose to the eventual superbowl winners the Scimitars
KFCN 4 Cardinals The little red birds are the smallest team in their division that includes two of the better coaches I’ve played, MLS and Murker. With Det tanking last season and the unknown (at least with humans, his Chaos Dwarfs have killed plenty of my ogres and snotlings) Arturidas taking over a bigger Universe team, its difficult to see what the Cardinals can accomplish. Awesome Ranking: A disappointing division 4th and maybe no fouling record this season either…
KFCN 2 Foxes Facing the Griffins in the SOS game, its a must win for the Griffins, based on previous seasons expect the Foxes to limp out with no team left and still almost make playoffs. Awesome Ranking: Division 2nd, battered and broken with Griffins taking their PO spot from the SOS game head to head.
KFCN 1 Unicorns The one horns recently lost the player with the most damaging ever block in DLE history Matt Kalil. Whilst they can never replace such a player the team is formidable. The coach has skills too. Awesome Ranking: Division winners, lose in the playoffs.
KFCN 3 Universe A new coach to the team, the roster is surprisingly beefy, even if they do have 4 catchers on board. Will that ST2 Av7 cost them? We’ll have to wait and see. Coach Arturidas is well know to this reporter for his hard hitting teams so expect him to make the DA awards committee happy at the very least. Awesome Ranking: A division 3rd as the coach finds his feet in DLE
KFCS 3 Razorbacks The Coach SpecialOne, is well known for doing the mostest with the leastest (I know these aren’t real words, its called artistic licence). Still the Razorbacks have a small roster, (FA pick in the first round!). SpecialOne is wrestling with the question to tank or not but he’s competitive. I’d like to see him play fast, flashy bloodbowl maximising SPPs on his futures stars but I expect a more measured competitive approach. He;ll take points from divisional rivals, games against the Razorbacks most likely will decide the division winner. Awesome Ranking: Division 3rd as the coaches struggles with playing competitively but wanting good picks next season
KFCS 4 Eagles The Eagles are being coached by a poo flingin monkey. I’m not sure this makes Eagles happy but its the results that will matter to the fans. Unfortunately we see the team blowing hot and cold depending on dice whims, plus they’ll lose their SOS game to the Griffins, which means that after a rocky start, a hot run then a mid season slump, the Chimp will look to season 10 and try to buy some firsts for that season. Awesome Ranking: Division 4th but with awesome poo related banter
KFCS 2 Forty Niners Battered, bruised and a little bloody is how you’ll come out of games vs the team with the single largest DLE player. Expect the 49er’s to limp towards the finish only to fall short at the final hurdle. Awesome Ranking: Division 2nd, won’t make the play offs this time
KFCS 1 Scimitars The team with no individual stars, they may lose a few in the regular season but team effort will outplay every other team when it counts. Awesome Ranking: Superbowl Winners. Enough Said
SHCS 1 Avalanche I don’t remember a time when Avalanche didn’t make playoffs. Actually that might be lie as I remember their first round pick for the every ready, ever green awesome Bruce Irvn. The teams taken some losses but is still in good shape. Awesome Ranking: Division first, play offs potential superbowl candidate but its tough to predict
SHCS 3 Wreckers This coaches pick for most improved coach of DLE last season, it might be he’s used to the teams now or all those BBT games he’s been playing but Knut is a force to be reckoned with, in most other divisions the Wreckers would be sure fire 1st or 2nd place but is difficult to see them overcoming the Buccaneers and Avalanche this season, still they almost made playoffs with a 3rd place finish last season. Could this season see that happen? Awesome Ranking Division 3rd and just outside playoffs again
SHCE 3 Rangers Despite coaching skill and the fumbbl’er of the year award, the Rangers losses are mounting, no longer the powerhouse they were and with Ramiros decline mimicking the teams loss of strength expect a tough tough season for these forst friends. Awesome Ranking: Loss of key players in the season sees them drop to division 3rd
SHCE 2 Greenskins On a rebuilding season after another Superbowl disappointment the Greenskins are rebuilding from a position of strength (1650 TW), however Tank and Trotter won’t survive the season and their loss with hurt the team, maybe even Monk will end up exposed. Awesome Rankings: Dead Trotter and Tank mean division 2nd. Possibly playoffs? not sure.
SHCE 1 Legion From one extreme to the other, Coach JackH has left the AG experiment and embraced piling on quicker than I said goodbye to your sister. Expect them to hurt you, lots and lots. A real team to fear the Griffins are hoping they put the hurt on divisional rivals whilst running away themselves… Awesome Ranking: If POWMaster Datom had this much POMB you’d say he’d win the superbowl, however for the Legion we see a divisional title, playoffs and then losing to a team like the Buccaneers or Avalanche
SHCE 4 Manticores Fischer is going to have fun. Some teams will get battered by them. Some teams will batter them. You win some you lose some. Awesome Ranking: Division 4th
SHCW 2 Knights Will Bish make it through the season? This reported thinks so. As long as the Knight Bish as their captain leading from the front they’ll always be in contention. Awesome Ranking: Division 2nd, in the playoffs they’ll remind the Vikings who their true nemesis is (Rangers who?) before losing to the divisional rivals Marauders in the conference final
SHCW 4 Sharks Rictor knows bloodbowl. Rictor knows how to spill an opposing coaches pixels blood. The Sharks are probably at their most competitive since Darkwings fabulous run but its a tough old world in DLE and the Sharks need more. Awesome Ranking: Divisional 4th
SHCW 3 Wolves A bad bad season for the Wolves in season 8 and its not looking exactly great for season 9 either. Doofr may pull it out for the regular season as he has done so often but we expect them to be focused on season 10. Awesome Ranking: Divisional 3rd
SHCW 1 Marauders The dark horse of the division? Not really they’re a pure power house, they’ll rough up a bunch of teams as they power through the season. Awesome Ranking: Dvision and Conference Champions before losing to Scimitars in the Superbowl
SHCN 1 Vikings They got fat. Really fat. One of the strongest rosters with one of the most exciting coaches leading them, it would be great to see them go all the way, punching heads and taking names as they do but they won’t, they are known for choking in the playoffs or conference final, we don’t see that changing. Awesome Ranking: Division first, they’ll choke against the Knights in the playoffs
SHCN 3 CCC Its rumoured that the blood from the bloodbowl games with CCC goes into the red paint their sponsors produce. A spoiler of team expect the CCC to be competitive. They’ll come out kicking and go out kicking. Unfortunately its not known if this will get them to the promised land against fat Vikings and Big Bears. Awesome Ranking: Divsional 3rd
SHCN 4 Wolfskins Very much a building season for the Wolfskins their TW is super low. They can hoover up FA’s as the season goes on using them to protect up and coming stars like Chip Cox as they eye up a big season 10 run
SHCN 2 Grizzlies Another team over the 1800 cap? The Grizzlies are just like their namesake, big ugly and bad tempered. They do blow hot and cold though, expect them to make waves then splashes. Awesome Ranking: Division 2nd and playoffs just on pure Big Bad Bear power