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DA Awards season 9 – play off update

Play-offs petered out with only 350tv lost, and SuperBowl itself ended with only a single rookie permed. Compared to last season, we lost 370tv and ended up 2120tv above last season. A lame ending to a great season for the DA Awards!

There were still Medals handed out, though, but only two.  They are as follows:

  • A DA Bronze Medal to Sheldon Rankins of the Gunners.
  • A DA Gold Medal to Deiondre Hall of the Marauders.

No Medal Holder left us during play-offs.

Recipients this season: Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal: Ray Childress, Foxes; Deiondre Hall, Marauders (New) Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: Micha Muller, Buccaneers; Julen Garrastazu, Cardinals; Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade; Cody Wichmann, Griffins; Dane Morrow, Knights; Brane Zidina, Rangers; Jonny Jones, Razorbacks (With Crossed Swords); Brian Newton, Universe (With crossed Swords); Colin Cole, Vikings; Fred Bruschi, Wolfskins  Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: Lucius Drenthe, 49ers (With Crossed Maces); C.J.Mosley, 49ers; Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Bruce Irvin, Avalanche (With Crossed Maces); Mortimer Chesnais, Bandits; Simon “007” Cox, Buccaneers (With Crossed Maces); Micha Muller, Buccaneers; Khalil Mack, Classics (With Crossed Maces); Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade (With Crossed Maces); Rob Hoyer, Foxes; Jack Pardee, Foxes (With Crossed Maces); Grandad, Greenskins (With Crossed Maces); Hartmut Hass, Grizzlies (With Crossed Maces); Sheldon Rankins, Gunners (New); Douglas Winston, Gunners (with Crossed Lances); Christine Michael, Knights (With Crossed Maces); Juqua Parker, Legion (With Crossed Maces); Alf Qvarnstrom, Marauders; Joe Mays, Patriots; Carson Wentz, Razorbacks; Jalen Collins, Universe; Todd Nathanson, Universe (With Crossed Maces); Brian Newton, Universe; Ronald Blair, Wreckers; Bieito Reixas, Wreckers; Jerrey Riggs, Wreckers; Max Valles, Wreckers Von Kassel Platinum Medal: “Capt.” Jack Sparrow, Classics Von Kassel Gold Medal: Bryce Petty, Avalanche; Ann-Katrin Lexer, Crimson Cascade Von Kassel Silver Medal: Peter Smoglswane, Avalanche; Warren Graham, Cardinals; Stan Gable, Gunners; Danny Vitale, Manticores  Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Warren Graham, Cardinals; Ann-Katrin Lexer, Crimson Cascade (with Crossed Lances); Rainer Dominique Salazar, Rangers; Chesney Hawkes, Scimitars; Datom Corona, Unicorns; Ramontxu Bilbao, Universe, IK Enemkpali, Wreckers

Earlier recipients still active: Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal: Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade   Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal: Rob Havenstein, Classics; Alf Qvarnstrom, Marauders; Vincent Jonckers, Rangers; Slugg jnr, Sluggers  Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Broderick Bunkley, Avalanche; Khalil Mack, Classics (With crossed maces); Will Moreland, Classics; Jack Pardee, Foxes; Shane Ray, Greenskins; Konstantinos Laskarides, Grizzlies; Juqua Parker, Legion (With Crossed Maces); Joe Mays, Patriots; Kendall Reyes, Patriots; Vincent Jonckers, Rangers (With Crossed Maces); Gerald McCoy, Unicorns (With Crossed Maces); Harry Bellower, Vikings; Asnnel Robo, White Wolves; Albert Hudson, Wolfskins; Jerrey Riggs, Wreckers   Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: A.J.Derby, 49ers; Broderick Bunkley, Avalanche; Arthur Dent, Avalanche; Jan Leiner, Bruisers; Will Moreland, Classics; Ray Childress, Foxes; Shane Ray, Greenskins; Dreng Bronson, Griffins; Whitney Mercilious, Griffins; Chad Clifton, Gunners; Barry Little, Gunners; Michael MB Brockers, Knights; Sonny Jurgensen, Knights; Blair Martell, Knights; Ezekiel Ansah, Legion (with Crossed Maces); Adine Carr, Marauders; Laken Tomlinson, Marauders; Kendall Reyes, Patriots (with crossed maces); Emmit Smith, Patriots; Geno Smith, Rangers; Brane Zidina, Rangers; Jordan Jenkins, Razorbacks; Chance Warmack, Razorbacks; Newton Brown, Scimitars; Tim Langer, Scimitars; Harry McBain, Scimitars (With Crossed Maces); Akeem Spence, Scimitars; Jalen Ramsey, Sharks; Slugg jr, Sluggers; Gerald McCoy, Unicorns (With Crossed Swords); Harry Bellower, Vikings (With Crossed Maces); Joe Doe, Vikings; Duke Waagshinton, White Wolves   Von Kassel Silver Medal: Rashard Robinson, 49ers; Matt Forte, Classics (With Crossed Swords); Xzavier Dickson, Gunners; Tony Steward, Grizzlies; Brane Zidina, Rangers; Brut de Feuer, Razorbacks; Renate Rappenau, Thunderbolts; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins  Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Matt Scott, Scimitars; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins;  Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal: Dan Marino, Eagles   Crowd Pleaser Bronze Medal: Chad Clifton, Gunners