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DA Awards season 11 – week 11 update

Another good week, with 990k lost in killed and retired players! And last weeks result was upgraded with 100k more in retired players. Delightful! Remember, killing and retireing old heroes open up for new ones!990k was less than last week by 100k, but 220k over same week last season. Accumulated loss compared to last season was reduced by 320k (including the revision of last weeks numbers) and we are now only 430k behind. Only four more weeks, and we can easily tak 110k each week to improve last seasons result!

Week 11 produced 6 new Medals! Here are this week’s winners!

  • A DA Bronze Medal to Lenny McLean of the Sluggers
  • A DA Bronze Medal to Edmund “The Cursed” Heckler of the Gunners.
  • A DA Bronze Medal to Landon Pronos of the Sluggers. This is his second so he gets it with Crossed Maces.
  • A DA Bronze Medal to Simon “007” Cox of the Buccaneers. This is his fourth so he gets it with Crossed Lances.Simon is the only active DLE player with a Crossed Lances award.
  • A DA Gold Medal to Bentley Shane of the Sharks
  • A DA Platinum Medal to Jerrey Riggs of the Wreckers. Jerrey is only the fourth active DLE player to hold this coveted DA Medal.

In addition, we have two Medals for week 10 which were not included at the time. These are:

  • A DA Bronze Medal to Jan Leiner of the Bruisers. This is his second, so he gets it with Crossed Maces.
  • A DA Silver Medal to Emil Finndirsson of the Bruisers

Three Medal holders left us this week. Henry Carpenter of the Bandits, the strong blitzer, was the holder of a DA Bronze Medal. Another strong man that left us was Manticores star Sim “Rhino” Juncker. He also held a DA Bronze Medal. No Medal holders left us this week! Universe dirty player Ramontxu Bilbao was also one who left us. He held Three Von Kassel Medals, two in Bronze and one in Silver. Rest in Peace, Brothers!

Recipients this season: Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal: Jerrey Riggs, Wreckers (New) Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal: Uziel Gal, Classics; Bentley Shane, Sharks (New); Matt Hazeltine, Sluggers Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: Mortimer Chesnais, Bandits; Emil Finndirsson, Bruisers (New); Gonzalo Galasatica, Eagles; Haason Reddick, Griffins; Tony Benboom, Grizzlies; Harry MacBain, Scimitars (with Crossed Maces), Matt Hazeltine, Sluggers; Carter Khata, Thunderbolts (With Crossed Swords); Dallas Stoudenmire, Thunderbolts; Lance Friberg, Unicorns; Fred Painter, Universe  Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: Dion Dawkins, Bruisers; Oddmund Holgersson, Bruisers; Jan Leiner, Bruisers (with Crossed Maces) (New); Simon “007” Cox, Buccaneers (with Crossed Lances) (New); Khalil Mack, Classics (With Crossed Swords); Javorius Allen, Crimson Cascade; Gonzalo Galasatica, Eagles; Jari “Bull” Mentula, Eagles (With Crossed Maces); H.J.Summerson, Eagles (with Crossed Maces); Edmund “The Cursed” Heckler, Gunners (New); Russel Wilson, Gunners; Michael “MB” Brockers, Knights (With Crossed Maces); Lawrence Taylor, Legion; Andy “Boulder” McCollum, Manticores (With Crossed Maces); Deiondre Hall, Marauders; Lincoln Celthric, Patriots; Taco Charlton, Sharks; Duke Riley, Sharks; Brantley Sake, Sharks; J.H.Brodie, Sluggers; Lenny McLean, Sluggers (New); Landon Pronos, Sluggers (with Crossed Maces) (New); Dont’a Killme, Universe; Barry Gryson, White Wolves; Myles “Hammer” Jack, White Wolves; Oton Willy, Wolfskins (With Crossed Maces) Von Kassel Platinum Medal:  Von Kassel Gold Medal:  Von Kassel Silver Medal: Bennett Callindrill, Crimson Cascade (With Crossed Maces); Mark Stanton, Greenskins; Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Kevin Seymour, Sharks; Patrick Mahomes, Unicorns Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal: Eulin LaRath, Cardinals; Troy Savage, Marauders Crowd Pleaser Bronze Medal:

Earlier recipients still active: Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal: Julen Garrastazu, Cardinals; Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade; Fred Bruschi, Wolfskins   Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Jan Leiner, Bruisers; Ray Childress, Foxes; Deiondre Hall, Marauders; Alf Qvarnstrom, Marauders; Donta Killme, Universe  Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Julen Garrastazu, Cardinals; Khalil Mack, Classics (With crossed maces); Will Moreland, Classics; Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade (With Crossed Maces); Bernie Kosar, Crimson Cascade; Shane Ray, Greenskins; Cody Wichmann, Griffins (With Crossed Maces); Hartmut Hass, Grizzlies; Konstantinos Laskarides, Grizzlies; Russel Wilson, Gunners; Jarrad Davis, Knights; Dane Morrow, Knights; Andy “Boulder” McCollum, Manticores; Kendall Reyes, Patriots (With Crossed Maces); Otto Kahn, Rangers; Michael Buchanan, Thunder (With Crossed Maces); Dont’a Killme, Universe; Fred Bruschi, Wolfskins; Tony Mumbay, Wolfskins; Jerrey Riggs, Wreckers   Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Arthur Dent, Avalanche; Bruce Irvin, Avalanche (With Crossed Swords); Mortimer Chesnais, Bandits; Asser Halt, Bandits; Jesse Wooson James, Bandits; Ryan Anderson, Buccaneers; Will Moreland, Classics; Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade (with Crossed Swords); Oton Willy jr., Crimson Cascade; Ray Childress, Foxes; Grandad, Greenskins (with Crossed Swords); Thomas Logan, Greenskins; Shane Ray, Greenskins; Dreng Bronson, Griffins; Hartmut Hass, Grizzlies (With Crossed Swords); Alvin Kamara, Grizzlies; Christine Michael, Knights (with Crossed Maces); Johnathan Hankins, Manticores; Kevin King, Manticores; Alf Qvarnstrom, Marauders; Dequan Rumble, Marauders; Laken Tomlinson, Marauders; Reggie Ragland, Patriots; Kendall Reyes, Patriots (with Crossed Maces); Emmit Smith, Patriots; Jordan Jenkins, Razorbacks; Chance Warmack, Razorbacks; Carson Wentz, Razorbacks; Tim Langer, Scimitars; Harry McBain, Scimitars (with Crossed Maces); Roshaun Stewart, Scimitars; Fat Fothergill, Sharks; Jean-Amour Fazer, Thunder (with Crossed Maces); Jabril Peppers, Thunder; Ronnie Stanley, Thunderbolts; Chad Clifton, Unicorns; Jacques Dufourcq, Unicorns; Andoni Ortuzzzar, Universe; Joe Doe, Vikings (with Crossed Maces); Kyle Fuller, Vikings; Duke Waagshinton, White Wolves; Fred Bruschi, Wolfskins; Darron Lee, Wolfskins; Jerrey Riggs, Wreckers (with Crossed Maces)  Von Kassel Platinum Medal: “Capt” Jack Sparrow, Classics  Von Kassel Gold Medal: Bryce Petty, Avalanche  Von Kassel Silver Medal: Warren Graham, Cardinals (with Crossed Maces); Xzavier Dickson, Gunners; Tony Steward, Grizzlies; Danny Vitale, Manticores; Peter Smoglswane, Thunder; Paul Dodgson, Wolfskins; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins  Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Zach Triner, Buccaneers (with Crossed Maces); Warren Graham, Cardinals, Jack Sparrow, Classics; Suggs Malone, Grizzlies; Jake Elliott, Knights; Peter Smoglswane, Thunder (with Crossed Maces); IK Enemkpali, Universe (with Crossed Maces), Joe Doe, Vikings; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins  Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal: Dan “the Don” Marino, Classics