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DA Awards season 12 – week 3 update

What a great season this can become! Another smashing week with 1290tv eliminated from the League. That is the highest in one week since week 6 of season 9, when 1400tv was eliminated: Great job, everyone! It is also 290tv more than same week last season, so the cumulative gain on last season is now 700tv. Keep this up, and we will reach a smashing record!

Week 3 also produced  an amazing 8 new Medals! Here are the winners!

  • A DA Bronze Medal to Tony Mumbay of the Wolfskins
  • A DA Bronze Medal to Kimmy Guts of the Cardinals. This was his second so he gets it with Crossed Maces.
  • A DA Silver Medal to Olli Jokinen of the Eagles
  • A DA Silver Medal to Alf Qvarnstrom of the Buccaneers
  • A DA Silver Medal to Joe Launchbury of the Bandits
  • A DA Silver Medal to Harry McBain of the Scimitars. This is his third, so he gets it with Crossed Swords.
  • A VK Bronze Medal to Darko Pancev of the Scimitars
  • A VK Gold Medal to Bennett Callindrill of the Crimson Cascade. He is the only active player holding a VK Gold Medal.

Six Medal Holders left us this week. One was Gunner’s blitzer Josh Furman, who held a  Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal. Another, superstar lineman Taco Charlton of the Sharks held a DA Silver Medal and a DA Bronze Medal. Remarkably enough, both Furman’s Medal and Charlton’s Silver Medal were earned in week 2 this season! Classics quarterback legend Dan “The Don” Marino also left us. He is the first legend Medal Holder to go this season, and was the holder of a Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal. Another famous Classics superstar, lineman Will Moreland also left us. The season 4 veteran was the holder of a DA Silver Medal and a DA Bronze Medal. The next one to have his number punched was Greenskin’s dirty player lineman Mark Stanton, He held a Von Kassel Silver Medal. Finally, Unicorn’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes also left us. He held a Von Kassel Bronze Medal. Rest in Peace, Brothers!

Recipients this season: Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal: Dreng Bronson, Griffins Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal:  Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: Joe Launchbury, Bandits (New); Alf Qvarnstrom, Buccaneers (New); Khalil Mack, Classics (with Crossed Swords); Olli Jokinen, Eagles (New); Grandad, Greenskins; Harry McBain, Scimitars (with Crossed Swords) (New)  Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: Kimmy Guts, Cardinals (with Crossed Maces) (New); Kamil Bukowski, Patriots; Matt Hazeltine, Sluggers; Tony Mumbay, Wolfskins (New) Von Kassel Platinum Medal:  Von Kassel Gold Medal: Bennett Callindrill, Crimson CAscade (New) Von Kassel Silver Medal: Sieger Veiel, Sharks Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Darko Pancev, Scimitars (New) Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal: Crowd Pleaser Bronze Medal: Ryan Anderson, Buccaneers

Earlier recipients still active: Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal: Julen Garrastazu, Cardinals; Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade; Fred Bruschi, Vikings  Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Jan Leiner, Bruisers; Alf Qvarnstrom; Buccaneers; Uziel Gal, Classics; Olli Jokinen, Eagles; Ray Childress, Foxes; Deiondre Hall, Marauders; Orlando O’Connor, Rangers; Ryan Kelly, Sharks; Bentley Shane, Sharks; Matt Hazeltine, Sluggers;  Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Mortimer Chesnais, Bandits; Asser Halt, Bandits; Emil Finndirsson, Bruisers; Semund Bacher, Buccaneers; Julen Garrastazu, Cardinals;  Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade (With Crossed Maces); Bernie Kosar, Crimson Cascade; Gonzalo Galasatica, Eagles; Leonard “VD” Williams, Eagles; Shane Ray, Greenskins; Haason Reddick, Griffins; Cody Wichmann, Griffins (With Crossed Maces); Tony Benboom, Grizzlies; Konstantinos Laskarides, Grizzlies; Russel Wilson, Gunners; Jarrad Davis, Knights; Dane Morrow, Knights; Andy “Boulder” McCollum, Manticores; Kendall Reyes, Patriots (With Crossed Maces); Duke Riley, Sharks; J.H.Brodie, Sluggers; Matt Hazeltine, Sluggers; Landon Pronos, Sluggers; Michael Buchanan, Thunder (With Crossed Maces); Carter Khata, Thunderbolts (With Crossed Swords); Dallas Stoudenmire, Thunderbolts; Fred Painter, Universe; Fred Bruschi, Vikings; Tony Mumbay, Wolfskins   Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Bruce Irvin, Avalanche (With Crossed Swords); Mortimer Chesnais, Bandits; Asser Halt, Bandits; Jesse Wooson James, Bandits; Dion Dawkins, Bruisers; Oddmund Holgersson, Bruisers; Jan Leiner, Bruisers (with Crossed Maces); Ryan Anderson, Buccaneers; Alf Qvarnstrom, Buccaneers; Julen Garrastazu, Cardinals; Khalil Mack, Classics (With Crossed Swords); “Cpt.”Jack Sparrow, Classics; Javorius Allen, Crimson Cascade; Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade (with Crossed Swords); Gonzalo Galasatica, Eagles; Olli Jokinen, Eagles; Jari “Bull” Mentula, Eagles (With Crossed Maces); H.J.Summerson, Eagles (with Crossed Swords); Ray Childress, Foxes; Grandad, Greenskins (with Crossed Swords); Thomas Logan, Greenskins; Shane Ray, Greenskins; Dreng Bronson, Griffins; Alvin Kamara, Grizzlies; Edmund “The Cursed” Heckler, Gunners; Russel Wilson, Gunners; Michael “MB” Brockers, Knights (With Crossed Maces); Myles “Hammer” Jack, Knights; Christine Michael, Knights (with Crossed Maces); Lawrence Taylor, Legion (with Crossed Maces); Johnathan Hankins, Manticores; Andy “Boulder” McCollum, Manticores (With Crossed Maces); Ben Gedeon, Manticores; Deiondre Hall, Marauders; Lincoln Celthric, Patriots; Reggie Ragland, Patriots; Kendall Reyes, Patriots (with Crossed Maces); Emmit Smith, Patriots; Chance Warmack, Razorbacks; Carson Wentz, Razorbacks; Harry McBain, Scimitars (with Crossed Maces); Roshaun Stewart, Scimitars (With Crossed Maces); Fat Fothergill, Sharks; Ryan Kelly, Sharks; Duke Riley, Sharks; J.H.Brodie, Sluggers; Lenny McLean, Sluggers; Landon Pronos, Sluggers (with Crossed Maces); Jabril Peppers, Thunder; Chad Clifton, Unicorns; Arthur Dent, Unicorns; Jacques Dufourcq, Unicorns; Barry Gryson, Unicorns; Andoni Ortuzzzar, Universe (with Crossed Maces);  Fred Bruschi, Vikings; Kevin King, Vikings; Duke Waagshinton, White Wolves; Joe Doe, Wolfskins (with Crossed Maces); Oton Willy, Wolfskins (With Crossed Maces); Ryan Kelly, Wreckers  Von Kassel Platinum Medal: “Capt” Jack Sparrow, Classics  Von Kassel Gold Medal:  Von Kassel Silver Medal: Bennett Callindrill, Crimson Cascade (With Crossed Maces); Ezekiel Dark, Griffins; Tony Steward, Grizzlies; Danny Vitale, Manticores; Peter Smoglswane, Thunder; Paul Sagot, Unicorns; Paul Dodgson, Wolfskins; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins  Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Zach Triner, Buccaneers (with Crossed Maces); “Cpt.” Jack Sparrow, Classics; Suggs Malone, Grizzlies; Kevin Seymour, Sharks (with Crossed Maces); Peter Smoglswane, Thunder (with Crossed Maces); Joe Doe, Wolfskins; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins  Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal: Eulin LaRath, Cardinals; Troy Savage, Marauders Crowd Pleaser Bronze Medal: Ryan Anderson, Buccaneers