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DA Awards season 13 – week1 update

A great start of season 1, with 1320tv eliminated in the very first week of the season. This puts us at 500tv more than last season. Hopefully there will be much champagne in the DA Awards offices this season!

Six new medals this first week of the season, half of them to the Thunderbolts! Here are the winners!

  • A DA Bronze Medal to Aris Soutolongo of the Thunderbolts
  • A DA Silver Medal to Quenton Nelson of the Thunderbolts
  • A DA Silver Medal to William “Stick” MacDonald of the Thunderbolts
  • A DA Silver Medal to David Njoku of the Universe
  • A DA Gold Medal to Jarrad Davis of the Knights
  • A DA Platinum Medal to Taylor Moton of the Vikings. Taylor is the first non-blitzer to get awarded a DA Platinum Medal, and is one of only six active players with a Platinum Medal.

Several Medal Holder left us in this first rounde play-offs. Edmund “The Cursed” Heckler, the Gunners ST4 killer blitzer was retired with a perm. He held a DA Bronze Medal. Another ST4 killer blitzer and legend, Harry McBain of the Scimitars also left us. He was the holder of no less than 5 DA Medals, three in silver and two in bronze. Crimson Cascade veteran blitzer Jaorius Allen was wavered after week 1. He was the holder of a DA bronze medal. Rest in Peace, brothers!

In addition, the following DA Awards holders have been wavered before the start of season 1. Superveteran Khalil Mack of the Classics, who held three DA Silver Medals and three DA Bronze Medals; ogre veteran Cody Wichmann of the Griffins, who held two DA Silver Medals; Blitzer Haason Reddick of the Griffins who held two DA Silver Medals and one DA Bronze Medal, rookie blitzer Amaya Quana of the Vikings, who held one DA Silver Medal and rookie blitzer Diego Milito of the Clasics, who also held one DA Bronze Medal. There are also some transfers which we will deal with next week.

Recipients this season: Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal: Taylor Moton, Vikings (New)  Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal: Jarrad Davis, Knights (New) Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: William “Stick” MacDonald, Thunderbolts (New); Quenton Nelson, Thunderbolts (New); David Njoku, Universe (New)  Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: Aris Soutolongo, Thunderbolts (New) Von Kassel Platinum Medal:  Von Kassel Gold Medal:  Von Kassel Silver Medal:  Von Kassel Bronze Medal:  Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal: Crowd Pleaser Bronze Medal: 

Earlier recipients still active: Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal: Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade; Dreng Bronson, Griffins (with Crossed Maces); David Njoku, Universe; Fred Bruschi, Vikings  Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Jan Leiner, Bruisers; Alf Qvarnstrom; Buccaneers; Uziel Gal, Classics; Ray Childress, Foxes; Artie Burns, Griffins; Dane Morrow, Knights; Deiondre Hall, Marauders; Orlando O’Connor, Rangers; William “Stick” MacDonald, Thunderbolts Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Chaz Grinshaw, Avalanche; Bruce Irvin, Avalanche; Asser Halt, Bandits; Joe Launchbury, Bandits; Martin Lawrence Taylor, Bandits; Alf Qvarnstrom, Buccaneers; Bruce Brown, Classics; Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade (With Crossed Maces); Bernie Kosar, Crimson Cascade; Gonzalo Galasatica, Eagles; H.J.Summerson, Eagles; Leonard “VD” Williams, Eagles; Grandad, Greenskins; Shane Ray, Greenskins; Dreng Bronson, Griffins; Tony Benboom, Grizzlies; Konstantinos Laskarides, Grizzlies; Russel Wilson, Gunners; Jarrad Davis, Knights; Denver Kirkland, Knights; Dane Morrow, Knights; Seamus McFamous, Legion; Bernardt Widriech, Legion; Andy “Boulder” McCollum, Manticores (With Crossed Swords); Saquon Barkley, Marauders; Kendall Reyes, Patriots (With Crossed Maces); Antonio Allen, Rangers; Djadi Daffe, Scimitars; Duke Riley, Sharks (with Crossed Maces); J.H.Brodie, Sluggers; Landon Pronos, Sluggers; Michael Buchanan, Thunder (With Crossed Maces); Antoni Cedrum, Thunderbolts; John Bull, Vikings; Fred Bruschi, Vikings; Tony Mumbay, Wolfskins   Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: Raphael “El Golfo” Kidari, 49ers (with Crossed Maces); Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Henri Amand, Avalanche; Bruce Irvin, Avalanche (With Crossed Swords); Asser Halt, Bandits (with Crossed Maces); Alex Anzalone, Bruisers; Dion Dawkins, Bruisers (with Crossed Maces); Jan Leiner, Bruisers (with Crossed Swords); Oddmund Holgersson, Bruisers; Ryan Anderson, Buccaneers; Kenny Bell, Buccaneers; Alf Qvarnstrom, Buccaneers;Gary Benin, Cardinals; Kimmy Guts, Cardinals (with Crossed Maces); “Cpt.”Jack Sparrow, Classics; Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade (with Crossed Halberds); Gonzalo Galasatica, Eagles; Jari “Bull” Mentula, Eagles (With Crossed Maces); H.J. Summerson, Eagles (with Crossed Lances); Ray Childress, Foxes; Grandad, Greenskins (with Crossed Swords); Shane Ray, Greenskins; Dreng Bronson, Griffins; Will Hernandez, Grizzlies; Alvin Kamara, Grizzlies (with Crossed Maces); Russell Wilson, Gunners (with Crossed Maces); Michael “MB” Brockers, Knights (With Crossed Maces); Finn Castrich, Knights; Johnathan Hankins, Manticores (with Crossed Maces); Andy “Boulder” McCollum, Manticores (With Crossed Maces); Ben Gedeon, Manticores; Deiondre Hall, Marauders; Mike Hughes, Marauders; Vita Vea, Marauders; Kamil Bukowski, Patriots; Kendall Reyes, Patriots (with Crossed Maces); Emmit Smith, Patriots; Felix Elbowman, Razorbacks; Carson Wentz, Razorbacks; Roshaun Stewart, Scimitars (with Crossed Lances); Duke Riley, Sharks (with Crossed Maces); J.H.Brodie, Sluggers; Lenny McLean, Sluggers; Landon Pronos, Sluggers (with Crossed Swords); Jabril Peppers, Thunder; Kemoko Turay, Thunder; Saraiva Sardinias, Thunderbolts; Chad Clifton, Unicorns; Arthur Dent, Unicorns; Jacques Dufourcq, Unicorns; Barry Gryson, Unicorns; Santiago Rios, Universe; Fred Bruschi, Vikings; Kevin King, Vikings; Joe Doe, Wolfskins (with Crossed Maces); Tony Mumbay, Wolfskins; Balasz Szabo, Wolfskins; Simeon Thomas, Wreckers   Von Kassel Platinum Medal: “Capt” Jack Sparrow, Classics  Von Kassel Gold Medal: Bennett Callindrill, Crimson Cascade; Folorunso Fatukasi, Thunder Von Kassel Silver Medal: Harrison Silveron, Avalanche; Bennett Callindrill, Crimson Cascade (With Crossed Swords); Ezekiel Dark, Griffins; Tony Steward, Grizzlies; Connor Williams, Grizzlies; Danny Vitale, Manticores; Quenton Nelson, Thunderbolts;  Paul Sagot, Unicorns; Paul Dodgson, Wolfskins; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins  Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Bob St.Clair, 49ers; “Cpt.” Jack Sparrow, Classics; Vanessa Hegeler, Crimson Cascade; Suggs Malone, Grizzlies; Loren Toews, Knights; Danny Van Buuren, Manticores; Kevin Seymour, Sharks (with Crossed Maces); Joe Doe, Wolfskins; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins  Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal: Ryan Anderson, Buccaneers (with Crossed Maces); Eulin LaRath, Cardinals; Frank “The Figment” Light, Eagles; Hannibal Mekins, Eagles; Filler Joe, Griffins; Elek Szili, Thunder