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[DLE] Superb Owl shenanigans

As the last of the crowd entered and took their places, the background noise of talking became barely audible, and what remained was quickly shushed by those intently waiting to see the visitor.

The anticipation built as the doors to the ante-room opened, and the visitor stepped through into the Great Hall.

A trickle of applause became like thunder, as the normally stoic attendees, erupted in to cheers and praise.

This was a home coming for him to remember…

Now at the podium, the applause died down as he began to speak.

The account of his adventures was told to his rapt audience.

He told the story of how he had become the first (and only) Dwarven assistant GM in the DLE and, how he had been there on Superb Owl Eve the first time around, stopping the Manling from spiking the Grizzlies’ ale.

He recounted the highs and lows of the games of seasons passed, enthralling the audience, and leading them to this, his moment of triumph!

Now, he was home, amongst his kin, the real celebrations could start

With a glint in his eyes he reached down behind the podium, and then, he lofted the Superb Owl above his head, soaking in the roar and adulation of the crowd. Elders be praised, he loved Blood Bowl!

Later, a place of honour is reserved for him at the table of the King during the feast.

“It’s a shame the manling couldn’t be here” said the King.

“Yes, it is. Unfortunately, Coach BigF is having to keep his head down for a while. He made some unfortunate comments post game about winning due to his tactical brilliance, rather than acknowledging that Nuffle handed the match to Middenheim. Now, the rumour is that the Avalanche have put a bounty on him, and Tilean hitman have been seen in the city…

I swear, this Coach gets stupider the luckier he gets… The runes I built into the stadium seem to working for now and should hopefully provide ample luck for future seasons. Some of my best work to counter-act “The Curse”.

The manling sends his regards however, and trusts that the case of Bugman’s XXXXXX is sufficient payment for my continuing services to the Classics”.

“Yes, of course” said the King “You bring the Hold great credit with your work with the humans. Besides, he has given me best gift I can imagine, I’ve wanted it since I first saw it! Won’t the humans miss the trophy?

“No, they are blind, they have no eye for details, they will never notice the trophy has been replaced, and in any event, my replica is actually of superior quality to the original”.

“It will have pride of place in my vault. Is there anything more I can do for you or the team?”

“Not yet, I am working on strengthening the team and we shall see what Season 14 brings. Promise me this though, when we are bested, for it is inevitable, that Team, its Players and the responsible Coach are entered into the Barak Varr book of grudges and vengeance sought”.

The celebration feast turned from hours to days and once honour and hospitality had been satisfied sufficiently, he set off on the long journey back to the Fauschlag and the Draft.

Hopefully Coach Bigf would be in one piece when he got there, but hey if not, at least there would be a coaching vacancy for him.