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DLE’s best ball carriers

The best ball carriers in DLE

To win a game of Blood Bowl you have to get the ball to the end zone of the other team more than they do. Common wisdom often says that running over there with the ball in hand is the best way to do this. 

So which teams currently have the very best ball carriers? Who is best equipped to glide through the field and withstand any attacks along the way? Let’s find out in this article, listing the top 9 carriers in Draft League Europe!

To be a great ball carrier a player must be fast. This has several obvious advantages, one of them being able to reposition your offense without handovers and such. For this reason players in this list are all MA7 or better, and skills like sure feet add to the value. 

To be a great ball carrier a player must be agile. This allows them to both take possession of the ball and to, more importantly, get out of tricky situations or dash past opponents for that last minute score. For this reason players in this list are all AG2+ (or better) and skills that help you do this reliably add to the value. Dodge, but also Sure hands on top of the list. Can’t let any Strip ball ruin your day! 

To be a great ball carrier a player must be a good fighter. You are the center of attention and the first choice for blitzes. If you can’t trust your carrier to take an occasional hit they are not great. Or maybe you need to smash that player tagging you! For this reason players in this list are all ST3 or better. Skills like Block and Dodge are essential, and other skills that let you manage the hits add to the value (Side step, Fend etc).

With these parameters set I present to you the best ball carriers of DLE:


  1. Tankre Murruxu, Nuln Gunners. 832+3+8+ Block, Dodge, Side step, Sure hands, Catch. Fast and reliable, he has been setting a standard for carriers everywhere, making 30 TD over 35 games. 
  2. Tancred Monfort, Übersreik Unicorns and Chrissie Montgomery, Broekwater Bruisers. Exactly the same stats as Murruxu, but where he needs only 2 more TD to become a legend and secure his #1 status, these two have just started their big league careers, with 3 and 8 games played (1 and 6 TD).
  3. See above.
  4. Bruce Brown, Middenheim Classics. 832+3+9+ Block, Dodge, Sure hands, Sure feet, Tackle. The Super bowl champion’s main carrier is the only blitzer on this list, with 44 TD over 52 games playing for Classics. 
  5. Taro Tsujimoto, Praag Grizzlies. 832+2+9+ Block, Dodge, Sure hands, Pass. First thrower, he has the speed Grizzlies needed to win the division last season, but ’only’ 16 TD over 47 games. 
  6. Blake Bortles, Aarnau Manticores. 742+2+9+ (n,n). Block, Sure hands, Fend, Tackle, Pass. The very symbol of the Evil Empire, the most decorated DLE player ever, Bortles has scored 5 TD in his first 8 games for Manticores after leaving Patriots. The only player here without Dodge. 
  7. Kyler Murray, Reikland Wreckers. 732+2+9+ Block, Dodge, Sure hands, Pass. New top draftee comes with A+ carrying skills, 1 TD in the first 2 games. 
  8. Art Monk, Grenzburg Greenskins. 832+3+8+ (n). Block, Dodge, Side step, Fend, Leap, Catch. The best scorer that will ever be in DLE, and the only player without Sure hands on this list. 208 games and 155 TD is an amazing record that no one can touch. 
  9. Brett Hundley, Volksgrad White Wolves. 732+2+7+ (n). Block, Dodge, Sure hands, Cannoneer, Pass, Leader. Becoming very fragile but still sporting all the skills of a great ball carrier, Hundley has a long career behind him. In White Wolves he has only 1 TD in 19 games, because he usually throws the ball before the score. 


That’s my list! Bring your critique and praise, and dream of fielding one of these game winners on your own team! 

/ Spelledaren