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Wreckers End of Season Statistics

With the Draft League Europe Season 14 coming to a close and with their 13 points across 17 games putting them firmly out of the playoffs, we can now look back at a deep dive of all the Player Statistics Leaders across the Reikland Wreckers.

Overall Statistics

These are basic stats every team should keep track of throughout a season.

Offensive Team Captain: Kyler Murray #8
Defensive Team Captain: Bradley Chubb #12
Most Valuable Player: Damien Harris #5 – 4 Times Voted MVP
Most SPP Gained: Roy ‘Likely’ Weatherby III #6 – 54 SPP Gained

Bash Statistics

One of the most important aspects of playing Blood Bowl is the players’ ability to remove the opponents from the pitch, so such aspects should be recorded and admired. In the Wreckers’ case, despite losing key attacking players early in the season, they still remained competitive in generating casualties.

Sturdiest Player: Tim Nanai-Williams #4 – 240 Turns on Pitch
Most Casualties: Andres Johannssen #9 (Deceased) – 7 Casualties Caused
Most Blocks: Romain Ntamack #3 – 107 Blocks Thrown
Most Fouls: Dimitri Delibres #15 (Traded Mid-Season) – 21 Fouls Committed

Scoring Stats

Of course every team needs to score, and the Wreckers were able to do so fairly well, albeit at an inconsistent pace.

Most Touchdowns: Roy ‘Likely’ Weatherby III #6 – 16 Touchdowns Scored
Most Completions: Kyler Murray #8 – 19 Completions Thrown
Most Passing Yards: Kyler Murray #8 – 54 Yards Gained by Passing
Most Rushing Yards: Kyler Murray #8 – 208 Yards Gained by Throwing

But despite all these interesting statistics to chew on, there is a rumor that Head Coach Roger Valiant is planning a full roster rebuild leading into Season 15, with MVP leader Harris and TDs leader Weatherby III reportedly being seen exiting the Wreckers’ Training Field in the middle of the post-season team meetings. In fact, more than half the playing roster seemed to leave early that day alongside Harris and Weatherby III.

When asked about this, and how this will effect who the Wreckers will be sending to the Pro Bowl, Head Coach Valiant stated, “It is the same decisions as last season: We will pick who will help this team win the most or have the potential to develop into a strong player down the road. As of right now, we are not even considering Pro Bowl nominations until we have spoken with the League’s top brass.”

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