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DA Awards Season 15 – week 3 update

The season continues with a lot of award-winning plays. Another 1250tv left the league this week, which was 130tv more than last week, and 70tv more than same week last season. Thus, we are now at 470tv more accumulated damage than in season 14. And after only three weeks! The DA Awards office is totally impressed!

We also have an astonishing seven new Medal winners this week, and most of them are receiving a DA Award for the very first time. Here are the winners:

  1. A DA Bronze Medal to Johnathan Abram of the Classics
  2. A DA Bronze Medal to Johan de Ritner of the Buccaneers
  3. A DA Bronze Medal to Taylor Rapp of the Patriots
  4. A DA Bronze Medal to Djadi Daffe of the Scimitars
  5. A DA Silver Medal to Montez Sweat of the Greenskins
  6. A DA Silver Medal to Justin Reid of the Scimitars
  7. A VK Silver Medal to Weasel Looney of the Sharks

Two Medal Holders has left us this week. One was legendary blitzer Alvin Kamara of the Grizzlies. He held the DA Bronze Medal with Crossed Maces. The other was superstar blitzer Andy “Boulder” McCollum who changed from Manticores to Sluggers before this season. He held the DA Silver Medal with Crossed Lances (received four times) and the DA Bronze Medal with Crossed Maces. Rest in Peace, Brothers!

 Recipients this season: Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal:   Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal:  Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: Sony Michel, Bandits; L.J.Collier, Foxes; Montez Sweat, Greenskins (New); Justin Reid, Scimitars (New) Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: Chaz Grinshaw, Avalanche; Calvin Petersen, Avalanche; Johan de Ritner, Buccaneers (New); Johnathan Abram, Classics (New); Nate Kelly, Foxes (with Crossed Maces); Taylor Rapp, Patriots (New); Dajdi Daffe, Scimitars (New) Von Kassel Platinum Medal:  Von Kassel Gold Medal:  Von Kassel Silver Medal: Matt Redfeld, Knights; Loren Toews, Knights (with Crossed Swords); Weasel Looney, Sharks (New) Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Arthur Dent, Knights; DeMarcus “Sneaky” Christmas, White Wolves (with Crossed Maces)  Crowd Pleaser Gold Medal: Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal: Crowd Pleaser Bronze Medal: 

Earlier recipients still active: Dietmar Althoff Platinum Medal: Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade; Dreng Bronson, Griffins (with Crossed Maces); Ulf “Doctor Dead” Schmerz, Knights  Dietmar Althoff Gold Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Arion Hill, Cardinals; Uziel Gal, Classics; Jari “The Goose” Mentula, Eagles; Michael “MB” Brockers, Knights; Deiondre Hall, Marauders; William “Stick” MacDonald, Thunderbolts; Dane Morrow, Unicorns; Miles Sanders, Universe  Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal: Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Chaz Grinshaw, Avalanche; Bruce Irvin, Avalanche; Zach “Calamity Jane” Banner, Bandits; Aviante “Pistol Pete” Collins, Bandits; Asser Halt, Bandits (with Crossed Maces); Joe Launchbury, Bandits; Martin Lawrence Taylor, Bandits; Saquon Barkley, Bruisers (with Crossed Maces); Arion Hill, Cardinals; O.J.Howard, Cardinals; Bruce Brown, Classics; Uziel Gal, Classics; Emilia Brecht, Crimson Cascade; Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade (With Crossed Maces); Grandad, Greenskins; Shane Ray, Greenskins; Dreng Bronson, Griffins; Arnold Grof, Knights; Avonte Maddox, Legion; Seamus McFamous, Legion; Emmith Smith, Manticores; Russel Wilson, Patriots; Djadi Daffe, Scimitars; Landon Pronos, Sluggers; William “Stick” MacDonald, Thunderbolts; Dane Morrow, Unicorns; Simon Bradock, Wolfskins; Sam Darnold, Wolfskins  Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal: Blair “rookie” Brown, 49ers; Leo Nomellini, 49ers; Bruce Irvin, Avalanche (With Crossed Swords); Averell Dalton, Bandits; Asser Halt, Bandits (with Crossed Maces); Martin Lawrence Taylor, Bandits; Saquon Barkley, Bruisers; Ryan Anderson, Buccaneers; Kenny Bell, Buccaneers; Kimmy Guts, Cardinals (with Crossed Maces); Arion Hill, Cardinals; Najee Goode, Crimson Cascade (with Crossed Halberds); Jari “Bull” Mentula, Eagles (With Crossed Maces); Ed Oliver, Eagles; “Cpt.”Jack Sparrow, Eagles; Benedek Horvath, Foxes; Orlando Brown, Greenskins; Grandad, Greenskins (with Crossed Swords); Vik Parks, Greenskins; Shane Ray, Greenskins; Dreng Bronson, Griffins; Jack Conklin, Griffins; Tibor Papp, Griffins; Roquan Smith, Griffins; Diesel, Gunners; Braden Smith, Gunners; Michael “MB” Brockers, Knights (With Crossed Maces); Finn Castrich, Knights; Arthur Dent, Knights; Maddox, Legion; Seamus McFamous, Legion (with Crossed Maces); Ben Gedeon, Manticores; Barry Gryson, Manticores; Balasz Szabo, Manticores; Deiondre Hall, Marauders; Russell Wilson, Patriots (with Crossed Maces); Carson Wentz, Razorbacks; Roshaun Stewart, Scimitars (with Crossed Lances); Vita Vea, Scimitars; “Big Ben” Banogu, Sluggers; Rasheem Green, Sluggers; John Lynch, Sluggers;  Landon Pronos, Sluggers (with Crossed Swords); Emmit Smith, Sluggers; Kahil MacKenzie, Thunder; Aris Soutolongo, Thunderbolts; Johnathan Hankins, Unicorns (with Crossed Swords); Samaje Perine, Universe; Donald Stephenson, Universe; Paul Wright, Vikings; Mark Zutar, Vikings; Nelson Darby, White Wolves; Will Hernandez, White Wolves; Sam Darnold, Wolfskins  Von Kassel Platinum Medal: “Capt” Jack Sparrow, Eagles; Oronzo Cana’, Sluggers  Von Kassel Gold Medal: Bennett Callindrill, Crimson Cascade; Vik Parks, Greenskins; DeMarcus “Sneaky” Christmas, White Wolves; Lamont Gaillard, Wolfskins Von Kassel Silver Medal:  Peyton Guigonen, Avalanche; Bennett Callindrill, Crimson Cascade (With Crossed Swords); Chris “Bloody Knuckles” Jones, Legion; Danny Vitale, Vikings; DeMarcus “Sneaky” Christmas (with Crossed Maces), White Wolves; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins  Von Kassel Bronze Medal: Andrea Bgh, Bruisers; Bennett Callindrill, Crimson Cascade; “Cpt.” Jack Sparrow, Eagles; Loren Toews, Knights; Dmitri Delibes, Manticores; Karl Hans Ruprecht Groeningen, Rangers; Tyler Lockett, Wolfskins Crowd Pleaser Gold Medal: Travis “The Hawk” Hawkins, Buccaneers Crowd Pleaser Silver Medal: Ryan Anderson, Buccaneers (with Crossed Maces); Eulin LaRath, Frank “The Figment” Light, Eagles; Dwayne Haskins, Greenskins; Cardinals; Hannibal Mekins, Wolfskins