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Team statistics season 15 – midseason update with extra categories!

Here are the cumulative team statistics at midseason of Season 15. statistics are pr. game stats). I have also included the top division in each category, based on the 4 teams and their average pr. game score.

Team offense (TD’s scored/game):

Marienburg Foxes (2,00)

Aldente Scimitars (2,00)

Wolfenburg Wolfskins (2,00)

Verezzo Razorbacks (1,90)

Erengrad Vikings (1,90)

Kemperbad Knights (1,78)

Most scoring division is KFC South with 6,79 TDs


Team defense (TDs allowed/game):

Grenzburg Greenskins (0,44)

Kemperbad Knights (0,56)

Kislev Cardinals (0,89)

Doomkeep Manticores (0,89)

Irrana Avalanche (1,00)

Aldente Scimitars (1,10)

Best defensive division is SHC East who has allowed 4,22TDs


Player casualties made/game (only blocking casualties):

Doomkeep Manticores (3,22)

Wolfenburg Wolfskins (3,00)

Brionnian Buccaneers (2,60)

Marienburg Foxes (2,60)

Nuln Gunners (2,60)

Altdorf Thunderbolts (2,57)

Most violent division is SHC North, who has caused 6,26 casualties


Blocks made/game:

Carcassone Eagles (58,78)

Kislev Cardinals (52,56)

Grenzburg Greenskins (51,00)

Doomkeep Manticores (49,78)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (49,50)

Nuln Gunners (48,20)

Most active in blocking is  KFC North with 183,11


Blocks against/game:

Kemperbad Knights (30.78)

Volksgrad White Wolves (32,00)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (34,60)

Carcassone Eagles (35,22)

Irrana Avalanche (36,40)

Middenheim Classics (36,50)

Best at avoiding blocks is SHC West who has allowed only 156,35 blocks.


Block ratio (Blocks for/Blocks against):

Carcassone Eagles (1,67)

Kemperbad Knights (1,49)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (1,43)

Volksgrad White Wolves (1,34)

Kislev Cardinals (1,31)

Grenaburg Greenskins (1,25)

Best block ratio is SHC East with 1,05


Conversion ratio (player cas made/Blocks made)

Altdorf Thunderbolts (0,071)

Wolfenburg Wolfskins (0,066)

Doomkeep Manticores (0,065)

Erengrad Vikings (0,060)

Brionnian Buccaneers (0,057)

Marinburg Foxes (0,057)

Best conversion ratio goes to KFC West with 0,052



Skar Bay Sharks (1)

Volksgrad White Wolves (1)

Both interceptions has been by SHC West teams.


Team fouls/game:

Volksgrad White Wolves (6,20)

Kislev Cardinals (5,89)

Mordheim Legion (5,67)

Kemperbad Knights (5,11)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (4,90)

Altdorf Thunderbolts (4,86)

Most ardent foulers are SHC West with 18,86.


Team completions/game:

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (4,20)

Los Cabos Marauders (2,50)

Middenheim Classics (2,00)

Altdorf Thunderbolts (2,00)

Averheim River Bandits (1,70)

Fool’s Point Rangers (1,56)

SHC North is ahead on completions with 7,39 completions.


Team passing yards/game:

Los Cabos Marauders (10,88)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (6,00)

Praag Grizzlies (6,00)

Erengrad Vikings (5,60)

Middenheim Classics (4,90)

Lyonesse Patriots (4,90)

SHC North also dominates the passing yard score with 21,04.


Team running yards/game:

Reikland Wreckers (39,22)

Nuln Gunners (37,10)

Verezzo Razorbacks (35,60)

Marienburg Foxes (35,20)

Brionnian Buccaneers (35,10)

Aldente Scimitars (34,80)

KFC South is ahead on running yards with 136,84 yards.



Least casualties taken (cas taken pr. game):

Wolfenburg Wolfskins (0,89)

Kemperbad Knights (1,00)

Praag Grizzlies (1,10)

Averheim River Bandits (1,20)

Talabheim Sluggers (1,30)

Carcassone Eagles (1,33)

Grenzburg Greenskins (1,33)

SHC West has taken the least casualties, with 6,43.


TV earned (TV caused pr game):

Doomkeep Manticores (65,56)

Skar Bay Sharks (63,00)

Volksgrad White Wolves (60,00)

Marienburg Foxes (58,00)

Averheim River Bandits (56,00)

Kemperbad Knights (52,26)

SHC West is far ahead on TV earned with 197,72.


Least TV loss (TV loss taken pr. game):

Kemperbad Knights (8,89)

Fool’s Point Rangers (8,89)

Irrana Avalanche (11,00)

Wolfenburg Wolfskins (11,11)

San Luis 49ers (12,22)

Bel Aliad Griffins (16,00)

SHC East has lost the least TV with only 87,78.


Most Spps (Spp gained pr. game):

Wolfenburg Wolfskins (16,89)

Doomkeep Manticores (16,22)

Marienburg Foxes (15,40)

Kemperbad Knights (15,33)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (15,30)

Erengrad Vikings (15,20)

SHC North scores the most spp with 58,89.


Most turns on the field (turns pr. game):

Volksgrad White Wolves (165,10)

Kemperbad Knights (162,11)

Talabheim Sluggers (161,90)

Brionnian Buccaneers (160,10)

Carroburg Crimson Cascade (159,50)

San Luis 49ers (159,00)

SHC West stays the most on the field with 625,81 turns.