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Round 3 Player Stat Attack

Round 3 Stats:

5 players managed 18 turns this round, all of them from the same team – Fly High the Mighty Remas Eagles:
Player Pos Team Turns
Zach Ertz Blitzer2 -Remas Eagles- 18
Anders Hoffman Thrower1 -Remas Eagles- 18
Jacques Lambert Blitzer1 -Remas Eagles- 18
Geno Smith Thrower2 -Remas Eagles- 18
Cadell Osman Lineman2 -Remas Eagles- 18

Completed Passes:
Player Pos Team Cps
Kirk Cousins 1Thrower -Wolfenburg Wolfskins- 2
Ray ‘Pretty’ Moore Thrower1 -Talabheim Sluggers- 2
Drew Bledsoe Thrower1 – Kislev White Wolves – 2

Most TD’s
Two players scored 2 TD’s while several got 1 TD. The top scorers in this round:
Player Pos Team Turns Cps TDs
Danny Coale 1Catcher -Los Cabos Marauders- 2
Corey Fuller Catcher3 -Rotenbach Razorbacks-  2

Two ‘magic’ moments as players plucked a pass from the air:
Player Pos Team Int
Zach Fulton Lineman6 -Templehof Thunder- 1
Jonathan Bostic Blitzer2 -Monte Castello Wreckers- 1

Most Cas:
Janine came out ahead with a hattrick of casualties, 10 players managed 2 casualties we’ll just list the winner:
Player Pos Team Cas
Janine von Meyer 1Blitzer -Carroburg Crimson Cascade- 3

Most SPPs
ah yes those elusive skill granting bits of experience that your players pick up for being awesome in a game. In this case lead by a lineman! Who would of thought it?:
Player Pos Team SPP
Joe ‘Freddie’ Kruger 5Lineman -Los Cabos Marauders- 10
Cortez Allen 2Blitzer -Flashfurt Universe- 9
Bruce Irvn Blitzer3 -Irrana Avalanche- 8
Barker Legeux Catcher2 -Monte Castello Wreckers- 8
T. Y. Hilton Catcher2 -Nuln Gunners-  8

Passing Yards:
The Brady’s of the bloodbowl game:
Player Pos Team Pass
Drew Bledsoe Thrower1 – Kislev White Wolves – 10
Anders Hoffman Thrower1 -Remas Eagles- 8
Kirk Cousins 1Thrower -Wolfenburg Wolfskins- 7
Ray ‘Pretty’ Moore Thrower1 -Talabheim Sluggers- 6
Ken Stabler Thrower1 -Monte Castello Wreckers- 6

Rushing Yards:
Its close oh so close outside of the top5 but Danny ‘Reroll’ Coale takes top spot the remainder left standing:
Player Pos Team Rush
Danny Coale 1Catcher -Los Cabos Marauders- 34
Arnold Miyers Blitzer3 -Aldorf Thunderbolts- 30
Jace Amaro 1Blitzer -Praag Grizzlies- 28
Art Monk Catcher 2 -Grenzburg Greenskins- 25
Joseph Randle 4Catcher -Marienburg Foxes- 24

Most blocks:
Its odd but I don’t think any of these players make the top 5 of casualties in the round:
Player Pos Team Blocks
Fletcher Cox Blitzer1 – Kislev White Wolves – 14
Johnathan Hankins Ogre1 -Muckenhof Manticores- 13
Frank Nunley Blitzer3 -San Luis 49ers- 12
Brandon Spikes Blitzer2 -Brionne Buccaneers- 12
John Jenkins Ogre1 -Skar Bay Sharks- 12
Neville Hewitt Blitzer1 -Wolfsbach Scimitars- 12

Most Fouls:
van Kassel is turning in his grave, the most is 5 fouls by a single player. Its just not van Kassel enough!
Player Pos Team Fouls
T.J. Turner Lineman1 -Wolfsbach Scimitars- 5
Julen Guerrero Lineman5 -Bilbali Rangers- 5
Nathaniel Suh Lineman3 -Fort Solace Griffins- 4
Brian Dawkins Lineman1 -Nuln Gunners-  3
Alfred ‘Wolfshead’ Morris Lineman1 -Talabheim Sluggers- 3

Players with a TD and a Pass in the round – there’s even a Slugger player sneaking into the table:
Player Pos Team TD/Cp
Bruce Irvn Blitzer3 -Irrana Avalanche- 1
Art Monk Catcher 2 -Grenzburg Greenskins- 1
Tyler Wilson Thrower2 -Rotenbach Razorbacks- 1
Ray ‘Pretty’ Moore Thrower1 -Talabheim Sluggers- 1

Players with a TD and a Casualty
There can be only one apparently and earning that very first round 1st pick its:
Player Pos Team TD/Cas
Bruce Irvn Blitzer3 -Irrana Avalanche- 1

That also makes Bruce ‘babyface’ Irvn the only player in the round to get a triple!
Player Pos Team Triple
Bruce Irvn Blitzer3 -Irrana Avalanche- 1

And there were no all rounders at all. Shame on you coaches shame on you!

And at the end we pick our player of the Round and for leading his team to victory with an assured display to get the only Triple of the Round its Bruce Irvn! Boom!

Summary stats for rounds 1,2,3 will follow shortly.

Thank-you and good day!