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DLE Draft – Where are they now?

With season 5 of DLE firing on all cylinders, Blitz! thought it would be a good chance for a new series of posts based around the draft history of the DLE.

With 5 drafts under the league’s belt now, we are going to take a step back into history and see where the top 3 picks of the first 4 drafts are.

Staring into the mists of time, we start with Draft 1.
Your order for that smaller draft was:

C. J. Mosley – Emsk Red Cardinals
Blake Bortles – Nuln Gunners
Khalil Mack – Middenheim Classics

CJ Mosley (blitzer) remains a Card Stalwart! As the end of Rnd2 is season 5 he has amassed 522 turns for Emsk and remains injury free. Not a noted, fouler (2) or Scorer(0) none the less, Mosley is a heartbeat for the Cardinals and has provided guard support and damage (30 CAS) and is loved by the Emsk faithful despite never being awarded an MVP.

Blake Bortles (thrower) – What is there to say about Bortles? One of the premier players in the DLE. A Superbowl IV winner, Bortles does it all! 23 TD’s on 899’rushing yards, and chipping in with 5 CAS. Amazingly in 677 turns on the pitch he has only 1 MVP, which makes his total of 124 spp all the more impressive.

Khalil Mack (Blitzer) – Drafted 3rd by the Classics, Mack is now a feared part of Broewater Patriots (winning a superbowl in season 4). Having played in 747 turns so far in his career, Mack is rightly lauded as a DLE Star. Something must been in the water up in Broekwater, as prior to his arrival there he had a modest 12 CAS, good for a cas every 16 blocks, this has improved to one in 10 for the Pats over his career. Only one other player in this series has more than his 110 SPP and Mack has 8 TD’s to his name.

Stay tuned for our Draft 2 recap soon!