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DLE Draft – Where are they now? Draft 2

Following on from our look back at the inaugural draft, here are the 3 players taken top in draft 2.

Alshon Jeffrey – San Luis 49’ers
Dante Hightower – Remas Eagles
Fletcher Cox – Irrana Avalanches

Alshon Jeffrey (catcher) Nicknamed the Vampire entered the league already bigger and stronger than most catchers in the DLE. Rumours (unfounded of course) persist with regards to performance enhancing chemicals in use at San Luis and it is impossible to deny that even since entering the league, Alshon has gotten stronger and tougher.

Jeffrey has rushed for 389 yards racking up 29 TD’s. Using his strength he caused 7 CAS and all this in only 556 Turns – a true star of the DLE.

Dante Hightower (Blitzer) – Even when the Eagles were more run ‘n’ gun, Hightower provided the muscle. One of the most feared players in the league in only 518’turns, he has caused 52 CAS on only 296 blocks ( good for a CAS just over every 5.5 blocks).

A true specialist, Hightower literally has no other stats to count, having 0 TD’s MVP’s rushes or completions!

Fletcher Cox (Lineman) Drafted 3rd, Cox entered the league as a formidable lineman, with his +ST block and Tackle.

For 701 turns he has taken to the pitch for the Avalanche. With 11 CAS on 325 blocks, Cox does everything he is asked. A Superbowl runner up in S4, can Cox lead Irrana to glory in Season 5

Check back soon for our Draft 3 round up