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DLE Draft live reaction picks 1-2

Pick recap 1.

Vic Beasley Blitzer +ST/+AG/Tackle/Strip Ball

Sharks gets the cage breaker most of the league are looking for but is he more suited to breaking down a looser style of offense? His frame and athletic ability will see him dubbed the next vampire of DLE and he’ll be drinking the blood of his victims as soon as the league gets back into action. This is a great player and say what you might about Leonard Williams, there’s no wrong answer by picking either of the two at the top of this draft. Now the Sharks need to build around this guy so he can be free to wreak havoc. Great pick

Pick recap 2

Leonard Williams Blitzer +ST/Mighty Blow/Break Tackle/Tackle

The Unicorns sweeps up the left overs as Leonard Williams is staring him in the face. This behemoth just adds another huge hitter to the unicorns who spent all of season six keeping those types of bodies warm while throwing anyone else to the wolves. Again, Williams has ability to get into tough spots and comes with a more physical style than the all rounder picked before him. The toss up between finesse and force. Unicorns fans will be so pleased to get over the hump of the restructures and down seasons and will pin their hopes on Williams leading the way in season 7. Unquestionably the best pick in this position