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Razorbacks Presser

A bleary eyed Robbert Graaf of the Rotenbach Gazette brings us this exclusive recap of the Razorbacks first press conference of the new season. Thanks Robbert.

>> With season 5 allready started it is long over due with a pressconference at Rotenbach Coliseum once more. With us this evening is Franchiseowner SpecialOne, Headcoach Johnson DeVille and 1st round pick from the draft Alec Ogletree(AO).
The usual newspapers are here with RotenBach Gazette(RG) and Wissenland Post(WP). CabalVision is not here this time, nor is DLE Blitz(DIE FAUSCHLAG NACHRICTEN), but maybe wellconnected Robbert Graaf from RotenBach Gazette can some light to shine on the beautifull city of Rotenbach, so the big world or DLE knows Razorbacks are back for a new season.

SpecialOne takes the podium and welcomes everybody to the pressconference.

SpecialOne: Welcome all… ehrm both of you. And also a big thanks to the 30ish fans who showed up. We are happy to see we still have some fans, after our failed campaign last season. I will start with letting our esteemed headcoach present our vision for the team.

DeVille: Hi all! Our new plan is very simple. Instead of having some seasons where we rebuild, we want to go for the push every season. Every season we want to be counted upon to make the playoffs. Some years will fail. But no more talk about rebuilding for a season. We are in rebuild all the time anyway, trying to get the best out of the team and the draft. Lets get some questions!

WP: Finally you had some local talent in Frank Ozmund, but you sold him. Why?

DeVille: I am so happy you ask me that question. Yes Frank is a strong guy, but listen. He was a diamond in the making, but when he got stronger, he also got slow, and any scout would tell you he got slow feet. So we sold him for a future 1st. Then things chained up nicely for us. We sold another future 1st and got blitzer Brian Westbrook + a current 2nd. But we were not done. We then sold a 2nd for catcher Seth Wagner, a perfect Cornerback. We now both a corner, and a great Ag4 supportplayer. All that for a slow +ST lino. I think we did good.

RG: You have Ogletree here. Tell us why you drafted him with overall pick #13. Some says he was drafted too soon?

DeVille: Alec brings a frenzy, crazy attitude to the team that we have missed. With the trades from before, Alec here was the perfect fit for us to dominate the games. He has allready made use of his incredible speed and frenzy to make his first surf, and giving us the numbers on the pitch. He is allready a star!

RG: Alec, how do you feel about playing for the Razorbacks?

AO: I feel great. A franchise with this attitude towards the playoff, and the players brought in for this season, I hope to achieve great things with this team. I can see the big plan here!

WP: Can you tell us about your keymatches this season?

DeVille: Why, yes I can. Our key games are ofcourse within our division who we meet twice a season. Win those and playoff is much closer. But this is also the season where we meet those pesky Gunners in the great Wissenland Derby. That one game is the most important one all season. We want to win that game so bad.

WP: But Gunners was at the conference final this season. Do you even stand a chance?

DeVille: ofcourse we do! Every team can be beaten in this league!

The fans who were so very quiet before, are now standing up and cheering for the coach and the team! They believe great things can be made for the Razorbacks this season!

Good times ahead for the Razorbacks. The team has been revitalized, and took a stunning win in round 1, by beating Marienburg Foxes. Off to a good start.

Next game is mondaynight football against Altdorf Thunderbolts at 21.00 servertime

just win, baby. <<