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A flying visit to Broekwater

Your correspondent steps off the “Air Kraft” and looks around. Ahead of me is the imposing ”High Tide” stadium , home of the Broekwater Patriots.

No area has benefited from a DLE franchise more than Broekwater, once a hovel, a village, home to 80 fishermen and pirates, now a thriving town, with an infrastructure built up around the perennial contenders and now reigning Champions.

I step inside. A cold shiver runs down my spine. Middenheimer’s often do not come home in one piece from a visit to Broekewater.

My fears dissipate, as a warm welcome awaits this correspondent and I am led in to a luxourious sky box over looking the field.

A buffet of seafood delicacies is laid out and equisite white wine ensures that I will not be thirsty during my time here.

Coach Bghandras is already waiting for me and luckily, I appear to have caught him in talkative mood…

Die Fauschlag Nachrichten: Coach, congratulations on winning the Super Bowl. Do you feel pressure has been lifted now you have finally won the grand prize, or does it add pres-sure to repeat, given that not even the universe ever won back to back trophies?

Both and neither. [He gives a rueful smile] I mean it is very good feeling to win it, and want to win again, but it is irrelevant for the next season. It does not divert my attention and lessen the chance to win again, neither results in more wins. Have to grind and earn it again. So simple.

DFN: Whilst by your own admission the season start has not been ideal, what are the positives you have found so far?

The start was clearly not ideal, but neither catastrophic. 3 ties in 3 games against playoff teams is OKish. The positives are as follows:
– The (likely) most difficult regular season games are done.
– Even though the gameplan was screwed, the team was gritty enough to save the day.
– Had the chance to win all 3 games.
– No core player was injured or dead.

DFN: What are you aiming to improve upon in your next few matches?

The blitzers need to play better. Especially Mack. Winston was OKish, but not great. He is expected to be better. Clifton was not good. Fortunato has room to grow.

DFN: Is there any player on the squad you hope to have a breakout season? Gene Upshaw looks like he is having more game time than anticipated

Upshaw could very well be the breakout player. He was a very bright spot so far. I expect Smelter to be a decent contributor, too. I expect him to continue his playoff magic.

DFN: Has there been anything surprising to you in the DLE this season so far?

At this point nothing should be a huge surprise. Teams are good, and game form is a huge factor. If i had to pick one, the huge CAS conversion of Razorbacks. I mean i expected them to win out so far, but they way they did was not expected.

DFN: The Universe have been a very tough team to play against for the Pats, are you look-ing forward to welcoming them back to Broekwater in the intra-conference matches?

They seems to having lost a couple of steps. They do not look that dangerous right now. Anyway, we want a special welcome party for the KFCN, not just for Universe. [Coach smiles to himself in anticipation of something fun]

DFN: The ARC Power rankings have familiar names at the top, do you see any dark horses breaking in or do you see the Super Bowl finalists from amongst those upper tier teams?

Dark horse? We know all the horses for a long time.
If i am looking at the ARC rankings, i can see the following teams as most underrated:
Vikings, Razorbacks, Avalanches, Legion.
They are outside of the top10, but 3 of those could realistically make playoffs, and at least one of them is expected to win minimum 1 playoff game.

There is a knock at the door and unfortunately are meeting is cut short, trade winds forever blow around Broekwater and Coach Bghandras is needed.

As Coach leaves, he looks back and winks. Enjoy the hospitality, he says, the next guests from Middenheim may not to be so well accomodated…