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In Memorium – Timmy Jernigan – Broekwater Patriots

Timmy Jernigan, Patriot stalwart. Killed by Tristram Drakken of the Marienburg Foxes.

In a hard fought match, a player who was said to embody the very ethos of the Broekwater Patriots, was killed by Drakken, a skilled blitzer fon the foxes.

Timmy, as he was known to his friends and family repeatedly put his life on the line for the patriot cause.

He suffered a broken neck against KFC rivals Flashfurt universe, but made up for this lack of mobility by bulking up, better being able to take the hits demanded of him by his coach.

An original Patriot from the league’s debut season and before his final game, he had played over 723 turns for the Pats. Timmy scored 2 TD’s and 3 CAS and threw nearly 200 blocks. Whilst he never amassed a high SPP (12 spp) total, his contributions were known by his team-mates and management.

The Patriots have let it been known that the Jerigan family will want for nothing in Broekwater in appreciation of Timmy’s contribution to the team.