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In Memorium – Brian Schwenke – Los Cabos Marauders

Where does one start….

Brian Schwenke was an anchor for the Marauders as their Franchise Player and guided them through the up-heavals of the takeovers and relocations.

Schwenke passed on the field vs the Norden Legion, being struck down by the Legion’s own Ogre, Big George Coghill. Unfortunately for Schwenke, the Maruader’s apo was called on to save his colleague Jaap Stam from injury two blocks earlier and was not there to save him.

For 871 turns, Schwenke was Standing Firm on the line of Scrimmage and Guarding his team-mates, but the maruaders fans loved him not just for the violence he brought (39 career CAS on 434 Blocks) but also for his athletic ability.

Few players in the league his size have had his ability to both Break Tackles and dodge the way Schwenke did.

Schwenke is the league record holder for Ogre touchdowns, scoring 4 Career TD’s on 33 yards rushing.

He will truly be missed by the Maruders.