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Razorbacks v Eagles – Monday Night Football Preview – 21:30 Server

This coming Monday at 21:30 server time, we have the most hyped regular season game in recent memory.

The Eagles of Remas travel to “the Pit”, home of the Rotenbach Razorbacks.

For days now, the two sides have trash talked to each other and the league, through the media, so it felt right that Blitz! paid a visit to both teams to get the final low down on this highly anticipated match. Our roving correspondent sent us this dispatch.

We set off and travel first to the “fire starter”, with the shots seeming to originate from Monday’s hosts.

We arrive at the Pit, where we know the welcome will be warm and an empty belly will not be our companion on the next leg of our trip. We are not dissappointed as we enter the dining room.

Sipping from a cut glass tumbler, the Wissenland Whiskey goes down well as we wait expectantly for the Razorback’s media team to come in and brief us.

We are shocked as what we assumed was a bookcase, opens and in through the door, walks none other than Johnson DeVille, head coach of our hosts.

We recover our composure at this unexpected honour and realise the signifance of Monday’s game if Coach DeVille is speaking to us. Grabbing himself some cooked poultry, we are beckoned to begin.

— The Hogs seemed to signal there intent in this match by deliberately firing shots at the eagles.

Is this a sign of confidence and a general happiness with your start to the season?

We are sitting on 3/0/1 record, and got a good feel about our team despite our recent losses. Our plan with this game is to have the Eagles also lose players.

— Various comments made pre-match seem to indicate that this season’s first clash is of extra special importance, why is that?

 Arcayn was there all the way back in season 2 when this franchise was young. We beat his eagles then. Then he left due to real life. That happens. Now he is back, and we are celebrating this by bringing out our rivaly! Imagine if the whole league had opponents and rivalries like this one. What good fun it would all be.

— Will you be sticking to your renowned play style for this clash, or do you have anything up your sleeve to fool the advance scouts?

What is our renowned playstyle? Do we have a playstyle? We like to mix it up so we will keep our run/pass game evolving. Noone knows if we will pass or run. We have taken a lot of hits lately, and we need to improve on that aspect.

–We meant that your team has developed the reputation of being brutal and efficient foulers, with some of the greatest in this aspect having called the Collesuem their home. Given some of the images that have been thrown about the last two days, are you particularly keen to show the Eagles (and the league) how proficient you are in this area

Oh yes. We bring a fine line of foulers, and we will not hesitate to foul them eagles. Especially if they try and PO us

— Where do you think you have an edge over the Eagles?

The only place we can have an edge is the mentalgame. And frankly? Eagles are ahead there also.

— Similiarly, where do you think their strenghts lie?

Eagles is nothing but strenght! That is their way. Maybe they have been taking one too many trips to San Luis.

–Are you concerned that by apeearing to be focusing to this degree on the Eagles, you may inadvertently take your eye of the hot Scimitars?

Scimitars? We don’t play them next. We play Eagles next. We will focus on Scimitars when we face them. Heck. I don’t even know who we face after the eagles game.

— Finally, any final words (or pictures) you want to say to the Remans?

Just one message! Bring your best. We will!

Politely excusing himself, whilst inviting us sample the newest range of hotdogs, Johnson DeVille leaves us, the Eagles are coming are Johnson is preparing a different type of warm welcome for them.

Despite his words, your correspondent could not help but notice a hidden confidence radiate off Johnson DeVille, which only serves to highten the anticipation for Monday’s game.

DFN then sets off south from Wissenland, indeed to the most Southernly point of the DLE world, where we sail into the old harbour of Remas.

For this half Tilean correspondent, this trip has obvious added meaning.Sailing under the grand Reman Bridge we drop anchor and are struck by the beauty of the harbour side stadium that we shall shortly row to.

We have arrived at the Blud Financial Stadium, home to the Remas Eagles.

We enter the stadium lovingly called the Khorne Field by the rabid Reman fans and are ushered to a luxury suite, where a sumptuous buffet of Tilean delicacies await us. Wine from famous Tilian vinyards is not in short supply. So far the score for food is a 2-2 tie ahead of the main event.

Our hosts grow silent as “new” head coach of the Remas Eagles enters the suite.

The larger than life presence of DLE’s head enforcer fills the suite and we note a large mace is strapped to his body. So, the big gun is talking too in Remas.

Coach Arcayn offers us a plate of Wissenland sausage with a smile, before begining to answer our questions.

— How have you settled on your return to Remas?

Remas is a wonderful Tilean city. What’s not to love about it. And the people here love me, I brought blood Bowl to their City and now I return to lead their team. I feel like a king in this beautiful city.

–At the time of your takeover, there were rumours (unfounded of coure) that this was done to avoid the powers that be in Broekwater. We all know however, it was to avoid playing a certain “cursed” Franchise. Our readers in Middenheim would be interested to hear your take on this?

Leaving the kdub was a difficult decision I enjoyed the challenge of playing the Patriots twice every season and the rivalry was coach “tinyf” will be missed.

But when you were given the opportunity to return home and coach your dream job, is there really a decision at all?

The Patriots and the classics were the reason that I had to think about it and I enjoyed my time there but the South is where I belong, it’s where I started and it’s where I’ll finish.

–There has been an incredible amount of pre-game hype surrounding your next game, why do you think this early season game is garnering so much attention?

Well I’m certain that this game is garnering so much attention for several reasons. First of all it’s two of the top teams from the DLE’s most competitive division. Are you aware that if the playoffs started today the DLE South would send three teams? Secondly in my opinion this is one of the greatest rivalries in the league. Currently the piggies whole day 3/3/2 lead in the all-time head-to-head. Lastly the coaches of these teams have personality they promotr their teams and help add to the hype.

— Do you feel this is also an attempt by the Hog’s to play mind games?

Mind games? If that’s his agenda it may just backfire. I feel no pressure here we’ve been nowhere done nothing have no expectations. He is the one who is known as the coach who can do the most with the least. He is the one who has been to the playoffs who is tasted success, if anything all pressure is on Rotenbach.

— where do you feel you have an advantage over the Razorbacks?

I feel my advantage is one, what I was just talking about, pressure. Expectations¬† are high for the Hogs. I feel no pressure in Remas. Two, we are clearly the stronger team with the stronger roster but again that just plays to DeVille’s strength as a coach

— Do you fear that the hype in this match, might result in a result for both teams that could let the Scimtars through in what is a tight group?

Fear? Nah… there isn’t much I fear. I imagine there will be a good deal of piling on and fouling in this match. everyone knows that the Razorbacks are the dirtiest team in the league.

So do I expect damage and probably death or retirement? Sure! But I expect more of that in the games where the Hogs and Eagles play the butter knives…

— Finally are there any last words (or pictures) you would like to say to the Hogs?

In honor of my upcoming opponent I’d just like to say one thing….


We finish our inteview and can’t help but feel that this is the most excited we have seen the coach in seasons and that, as can be seen with the results, Remas brings out the best of Coach Arcayn.